Crash Team Rumble - Reveal Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Join the heroes and villains of the Crash universe as they face off in an epic team vs. team Wumpa-collecting, island-hopping championship.

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-Foxtrot49d ago

I don't know what to make of this sadly, will probably have to see more but it looks pretty generic, like it's trying to capture and focus on an audience that has never really had Crash Bandicoot in its sights.

They could have just remade Crash Bash and expanded on that instead but they've done this, something brand new when the brand new thing could have been Crash Bandicoot 5, a new Crash Team Racing game or even give Spyro 4 a shot.

They were doing so well with Crash aswell and now they are following trends.

FallenAngel198449d ago

They already remade the entire Crash Bandicoot trilogy along with the racing game

How do you know they’re not also going to release another mainline title after this spinoff?

Personally I would’ve preferred Spyro 4 instead, but it’s at least nice to see Toys for Bob hasn’t become a complete CoD focused team after prior reports

-Foxtrot49d ago

“They already remade the entire Crash Bandicoot trilogy along with the racing game”

Yeah and they still had Crash Bash to go yet they do…whatever this is

“ at least nice to see Toys for Bob hasn’t become a complete CoD focused team after prior reports”

Only to make a generic looking multiplayer focused brawl game. It seems they’ve been hit pretty hard and been told what their focus will now be.

FallenAngel198449d ago

I loved playing Crash Bash as most fans of that game(Rilla Roo getting two slots in CTR:NF made me so happy), but I wouldn’t fault them for not remaking it. It was the most divisive Crash game on PS1. Not saying this will be a banger of a title. At worst it’ll be just as divisive as CB.

If spin-offs were the only thing to look forward to with Crash then I’d take huge offense. This could just be another case similar to how people were justifiably put off by Metroid Prime: Federation Force only for Metroid: Samus Returns and Metroid Dread to come out later. These spin-offs are relatively harmless as long as they don’t stop more traditional mainline titles from being made

I just hope the next title from TfB is Spyro 4. I don’t wanna see Crash continue to overwhelmingly overshadow Spyro, I always saw the series getting equal attention prior

BrockEmSockEm49d ago

If this is free to play I'll try, but otherwise, I'd rather have at least a new CTR if not Crash Bandicoot

Orchard49d ago

Not super excited by this news. I was hyped for the announce since the pizza box tease but I was really hoping for just Crash 5.

Hopefully MS handle Crash better than Activision.

SoulWarrior49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

In fairness, NST, CTR and Crash 4 were all great, given how MS have handled Banjo for instance, I don't have much faith.

Orchard49d ago

NSR and Crash 4 were good but this new game seems like a misstep when all they needed to do was make Crash 5.

Speaking of MS mishandling things… where is Goldeneye?

shinoff218348d ago

Ms doesnt have the track record to handle anything. Lol they have more studios then sony but ms wants to call themselves the small guy. Use that 2 trillion dollars your fans tell us you have and use those studios.

SoulWarrior49d ago

Is this really what Crash fans wanted? As a huge fan of the franchise this is a resounding no from me, but I expect it to be F2P and fully monetised and it being Activision, can't say I'm surprised.

Shiore2u49d ago

Such an unfitting choice of music for that trailer.

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