Xbox Game Price Increase Makes Game Pass an Even Better Deal

Recent news of a price increase for Xbox games from next year has served to highlight the value of an Xbox Game Pass subscription once again.

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crazyCoconuts60d ago

How many games entered into XBGP that were at a $60 price point (so day 1 release) that you would have actually bought in 2022?

MadLad60d ago

I know I've played, and enjoyed, many games that came to Gamepass.

Do they all need to be full priced games in order to be quality games that makes the service much worthwhile?

Orchard60d ago

Yeah the idea that a game needs to be full price to be good is just garbage.

There are plenty of awful full price games. Price tags do not define quality / lack of quality.

crazyCoconuts60d ago

They need to be full price for the article I'm commenting on to make sense

shinoff218360d ago

Madlad, truth is he was trying to make a point and like a true xbox you danced around the question. You know what he meant I knew what he meant.

With that said I enjoy indies alot, sometimes more then the aaa releases.

MadLad60d ago

Okay. I get where you're coming from there.

2023-2025+ should definitely really make the Gamepass subscription worth it then.

shinoff218360d ago

Never heard that before lol

Orchard59d ago

Redfall + Forza + Starfield is already $210 worth of content.

And that's a very small portion of the overall games that will come to GP in 2023.

S2Killinit59d ago


Oh my freakin GOD.

Can you believe how MS conduct is flipped into a positive?? Unbelievable. I mean they HAVE to believe their consumers are idiots. (And to be fair they might be right to some extent) lol

They jack up price and tell you you got it great. SAME thing you were getting before, but now with BETTER value. LMAO

MadLad60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

They're going to raise Gamepass. It's inevitable. Still a very worthwhile service, but still.

Orchard60d ago

I imagine that’ll come alongside COD hitting the service. Imagine how many people are going to take a GP sub instead of paying $70 for COD annually.

I agree with you though - it’ll still be a worthwhile service.

alb189960d ago

They will as everything eventually has a price did Netflix and Spotify like three or four times since they are on business but you guys are saying this like from 3 years ago and when it finally happened you will come and talk as if you were right... incredible hahaha

CBaoth60d ago

you mean kinda like you saying w8 4 E3, and 1st party games for the last decade lol. Who's the the bigger simp? I mean the games will eventually come to IndiePass right, right? Right at the price hike?

lonewolf1060d ago

It would be more of a shock if they didn't raise the price.

Thundercat7760d ago

Expect this article later when they increase game pass subscription.

Xbox game pass price increase makes it a better deal and is the best thing it could have ever happen.

blacktiger60d ago

Wireless mouse has lag, what makes streaming gane don't have lag

Spenok59d ago

That is literally their intent. To drive people to spend more money, over time, via gamepass.

It will likely work too.