Marvel’s Spider-Man Needs to Resist the Urge to Dress Green Goblin Fully in Armor

Many of Marvel's Spider-Man's villains are suited in mechanical armor, but Green Goblin will hopefully retain his iconic medieval aesthetic.

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-Foxtrot56d ago

Yeah they need to try at least to stick to the comics

It’s their own universe sure but why change things when video games are the perfect place to stick as close to the source material as possible. You just get away with more game wise than the films.

Arkham did their own thing but they nailed the designs

I think I could understand a crazy psychopath in a goblin outfit

However it’s a shame because I think they are going to make Harry the new Venom rather than using Eddie Brock

Flawlessmic55d ago

Whatever insomniac choose to do with the character, they will kill it!!

There the type of studio you just leave them to it, they will deliver, they always do.