Seriously Sega, What's With All These Dreamcast Trademarks?

Siliconera writes: "On one hand Sega has been moving forward with new franchises like Valkyria Chronicles and Sands of Destruction. On the other, well at least in the USA, Sega seems interested in their past.

In another Sega trademark search we discovered ChuChu Rocket was re-registered by Sega USA on December 22, 2008. Does this mean Sega is secretly working on reviving ChuChu Rocket as an online enabled Xbox Live Arcade game? Hopefully yes, but not necessarily."

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Cajun Chicken4211d ago (Edited 4211d ago )

That would be cool.

In other Dreamcast'y thoughts: I sure hope Capcom are making a downloadable online enabled HD Powerstone series game. They'd be crazy not to!

Rikitatsu4211d ago

Dreamcast had the best software lineup.

Too bad it died soon :(

BlackIceJoe4211d ago

I hope this means Sega has plans to bring these games to PSN, XBLA & WiiWare. Plus has plans to bring new ones out in these games series.

If it these are not for games on PS3, 360 & the Wii maybe Sega is getting ready to make the comeback with the Dreamcast 2. That would be sweet.