Does Elden Ring Have a Narrative?

Justin from NoobFeed writes - There have been a number of comments and arguments lately about From Software games. These kinds of arguments crop up all the time, such as the endless “should there be difficulty modes” debate whenever a From Software game releases, but the current debate is about narrative, and whether Elden Ring, and by extension other From Software games, have a narrative at all.

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stefd7549d ago

Like the Souls games there is a story there you just have to find it. That half the fun of Souls games.

Smellsforfree48d ago

I'm going to play devil's advocate and say that, yes it does have a story, but no it doesn't have a narrative. A narrative is a written or spoken account of connected events. There is some of that in Elden Ring, and I love how they handle the story in that game and wouldn't change a thing -- but i don't think it rises to the level of "a narrative". But that is just like my opinion.

Flawlessmic48d ago

Agreed mate people take art direction and great world building with lore as a proper narrative amd it's just not.

stefd7548d ago

I see your point there and maybe I didn't understand there is a difference in story and narrative.

thorstein48d ago

And (I agree), the narrative that there is usually follows whatever questline you wish to pursue.

The only "narrative" breaking thing was the Elden Beast. It didn't fit, at all. And if you were heavy melee, the battle was tedious and not fun (ex: running around for 15 minutes getting hits.)

gurp48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

there might be story, but I didn't want to go look for it, I have other games to play
there is no narrative in this game, that is why I found it boring
I beat it once, doing what was necessary and nothing extra, would never play again though
the art and characters/enemies were good though

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garos8249d ago

does anyone who asks this question actually have a functioning brain?

EmperorDalek49d ago

Considering they've been asking this about all of the Souls games since 2009... You'd have to question it.

anast49d ago

This game was designed for this question. There's a world with some lore, but the story is yours.

Mr_cheese48d ago

I like that. Good summary.

Flawlessmic49d ago

The art direction and world building of the souls games are fantastic.

The narrative or narrative direction not so much, especially direction seeing as there barely direction in regards to it.

LordoftheCritics48d ago

Yes it does, broken and boring to the point that no one can explain it with enthusiasm.

dmonee48d ago

It’s like someone trying to explain “Grateful dead” music. Like me as a gamer I am not sophisticated or smart enough to understand the in game narrative. I put a lot of time into elden ring. Loved it, but story telling this is not!

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