Gabe Newell: Steam Isn't Interested in Agreements Like Xbox's Nintendo Call of Duty Deal

Microsoft committed to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo platforms for the next 10 years but Valve doesn't need formal agreements to continue its existing partnership.

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Fishy Fingers59d ago

Kind of a moot point as MS committed in 2020 that all 1st party games going forward will be on Steam.

crazyCoconuts59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

I'm just happy Gabe isn't interested in selling Steam to MS

-Foxtrot59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Seems he's more aware Microsoft is using the Nintendo and Steam deal just for the Activision buyout and so they can use it against Sony.


"Don't...don't bring and use us in this, we already have existing things in place with you guys"

Eonjay59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

People act like they can't read but Gabe just effectively saved Sony. His underlying point for those blinded by Microvision is that if it is Microsoft's intention to expand access to gamers then what is actually the point of a commitment deal? Microsoft is nothing but a constant PR operation. You need to and should be able to understand that at this point. This is a narcissistic threat poorly disguised as generosity. If Microsoft was truly committed to expanding the reach of games to gamers it wouldn't require anything more than a similar statement to when Sony bought Bungie.

Lifexline59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Do any of you know how to read? Or do you just read the headline and go with it.

He says that he trust Microsoft and doesn’t need anything in writing that their word is good enough because everytime they tell him they will do something they do it.

So he doesn’t want a contract even though Microsoft sent one to him. So unlike Sony who wants things in contract he doesn’t it’s just the type of guy he is. He doesn’t have any underlying intentions like Sony does he just wants games for his customers.

Knushwood Butt59d ago

So he runs a business without contracts and just wants to get games to gamers? What a guy! He should run for pres!

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neutralgamer199259d ago

Steam can sell itself all it's want man #3 is their big boss haha 😆

Christopher59d ago

PC market also isn't Microsoft's primary competitor in the console and digital subscription market. Literally only one competitor in that whole market.

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Number1TailzFan59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Yup, one of the first PC games I played in 99 was Half Life, hope they got the foot back on the pedal for more great games.

Recently sold one of my headcrab zombie statues on ebay for £800, got over double my money back, Half Life still has a strong fan base.

Giblet_Head59d ago

Even if he did his son Gray would most likely takeover to keep it in the Newell family. Valve is a private company and Gabe owns just over 50% of it.

sparky7759d ago

Great ammunition for MS to give to regulators right there.

Gabe knows MS has no reason to lie about this.

SullysCigar59d ago

Eh? What Faber-Castell knows us that ALL Microsoft games are coming day and date to Steam, regardless of the franchise. This has been the case for years now.

With that in mind, how does this help Microsoft's troubles with the CMA?

Crows9059d ago

It doesnt. People pretend these kinds of things are revelations...they arent.
The agreement is a formality for the platforms that MS essentially owns. On Switch it will likely remain available through an inferior version by far.
On PlayStation, however, MS stands to gain a lot by removing it from that platform.

Hofstaderman59d ago

It doesn’t help ms case. They crapping bullets at this point

sparky7759d ago

"Newell also notes that Phil Spencer and the Xbox team have always followed through on their commitments and trust their intentions"

One of the CMA's main points was the MS doesn't follow through on deals but a competitor is saying otherwise.

Lightning7759d ago

Steams and Gabe Newell and Nintendo are cornering Sony. MS told Sony theyll be multiplat for 10 years. The same agreement Nintendo took. Sony didn't comment on The 10 year deal and is just essentially whining instead. Gabe here doesn't need a contract or a written agreement because he trusts MS will bring COD to Steam as MS already has with its 1st party.

Again MS played a smart hand by putting COD on Nintendo platforms. It makes them look good and committed and makes Sony's excuses even funnier really.

SullysCigar59d ago

@Sparky77, I repeat; how are Steam a competitor when all of Microsoft's games release day and date on Steam and Xbox?

shinoff218359d ago

Sparky steam is not ms competitor

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Christopher59d ago

Amazing ammo. The people who forced MS to move to Steam because the Windows store wasn't selling software because "Steam runs the PC world" defends Microsoft from having to buy their way out of similarly being slammed by their competition in console hardware/software. Gabe doesn't need contracts because the consumers write the contract for him. Microsoft needs Activision because consumers aren't doing enough for them.

Aloymetal59d ago

As a hardcore PS fan(atic) I can't wait for this deal to go through because I'd like to see the funny and hilarious excuses by the end of this gen and the next one as well when after all those zillions spent on Activision/Bethesda etc...MS/xbox still fall short to be the market leader and sells the less amount of consoles and games. It's gonna be a sight to behold. But hey, as long as MS makes more trillionzz is fine.

59d ago
shinoff218359d ago

Maybe to steam. It's not in the console market. Ms has already lied when they bought zenimax. The fact specifically stated that ms lied to the European board when they bought zenimax dude

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343_Guilty_Spark59d ago

"He trusts Microsoft's intentions."

That is the sub headline.

There you go. Microsoft stopped being nice with Sony and went for the jugular.

The deal will go through

Redemption-6459d ago

And regulators clearly don't trust MS. Care to guess why they offered Sony 3 years, then increased it to 10 after it was rejected. I also love how MS has a huge PR campaign going on social media, Sony being silent has really made them very unhappy.

Also let's be realistic, MS has no choice but to release on steam, especially if they ever choose to go exclusive at some point. Their own store cannot compete with steam and most steam users will not leave for any of their games. COD sales on Xbox are going to drop, especially on Xbox, when the deal goes through.

The3faces59d ago

"Sony being Silent '
Jim Ryan has been the most vocal trying to have the merger blocked since day one.

SlothLordPootus59d ago


Sony might not be silent to regulators, but theyre not spouting off on twitter and writing opinion pieces in the Wall Street Journal to try to get public support.

Asplundh59d ago

1.No where did MS offer 3 years, the words were "several more years" and people including Jim Ryan started to the claim that they offered 3 years.

2.MS already have their 1st party games on Steam.

3.Of course COD sales will drop on Xbox's, it will be on GP.

Redemption-6459d ago


I guess you must be living under a rock, at best Jim has given 2-3 interviews, one in response to MS comment on offering several years. Since you live under a rock, I will say you have not been on Twitter to see, several MS executives tweeting numerous times on this deal, one even complaining about Sony being quite or not coming to the negotiating table.

We can also pretend the CEO and the president of MS, Phil have not given numerous interviews on this acquisition if that makes you feel better.

MadLad59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

How will the sales drop?
They've always supported Steam since getting rid of windows live.
They're still handling their own storefront business as usual.

How does simply bringing these devs and games into the fold result in less sales on Xbox? Nothing is going to change, at least with CoD, outside of now they'll be bankrolling the games themselves.


Sony also isn't the one being attacked to try to keep an acquisition from happening via their competitor.
Maybe Microsoft should start actively going at Sony; trying to stop all these money deals Sony has been making for years just to keep IP they don't even own off of other platforms.

Redemption-6459d ago

Jim came out to clarify what MS said by several. MS has yet to say he is lying. Jim even spoke about how he thought this was a private matter, until MS made it public, so they have to clarify things

Redemption-6459d ago


Would you like to make a bet COD sales will decrease, especially on Xbox when it goes to GP?

Are you seriously new?

SlothLordPootus59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

@madlad Sony is ABSOLUTELY the one being attacked. Theyre trying to preserve the franchises that have operated on their systems for over a decade, some close to 3 decades, while Microsoft is buying up publishers. With the purchase of Bethesda, Microsoft essentially bought up the western RPG market. With Activision theyre buying up the two of the largest FPS IP alongside other large properties. And Microsoft has said themselves they dont plan on stopping their acquisitions soon. Who is attacking who here? Its pretty clear to me who is playing defense.

Hofstaderman59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Sony is being silent. They have only given input when the process has required them of it with maybe 2 press release outside of this. MS on the other hand is acting like a jilted mistress about how the world has done them wrong and shouting about it through any platform.

Asplundh59d ago

"Jim came out to clarify what MS said by several."

Jim works for Sony, not MS. Jim reading between the lines isn't evidence of a 3 year offer.

343_Guilty_Spark59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

No incentive to go Exclusive considering the install based of every platform

You're still living with console War mentality. Sony won that. But now it's the Content Wars

Lightning7759d ago

'Also let's be realistic, MS has no choice but to release on steam, especially if they ever choose to go exclusive at some point."

Let's be realistic MS has been releasing all its games on Steam day and date. Suddenly not releasing Cod on Steam for no reason is dumb. That's why they're putting it on Nintendo's console as well.

Profchaos58d ago

I think that's mostly cultural Sony being a Japanese company wouldn't typically go airing dirty laundry I'm sure they want Jim to shut his mouth to he still has bosses to answer to after all.
Ms is always actively trying to lure fans to their console or sub they always have in the lead up to this gen there was so much noise from Xbox it was almost too much instead of letting the product and game speak for itself we got flashy cinematics and Sony was just like here's ps5 here's trailers see you at launch

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DarXyde59d ago


And you're cheering it on with no concept of the dangers of monopolies because your team benefits from this.

You better pray Sony continues to compete aggressively. Otherwise, don't bring your consent forms when you go to Spencer's house. He won't be signing them, and neither will you.

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