IGN : No South Park, Daily Show or MTV for Time Warner Subscribers?

Is your cable provided by Time Warner Cable? If so, you are likely going to find yourself missing some major cable channels and popular series as 2009 begins, including South Park, The Daily Show and The Hills

Viacom's statement goes on to say, "We are sorry to say that for Time Warner Cable customers our networks will go dark as of 12:01 on January 1st, denying Time Warner customers shows like Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob Squarepants, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, and The Hills."

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Megaton4204d ago

Lovely. Daily Show, South Park, and UFC on Spike are pretty much the only non-Adult Swim/Discovery Channel shows I watch. Time Warner's got a monopoly in my area too.

Blasphemy4204d ago

Yeah same here. This is terrible news for me. I don't watch TV much but when I do it's basically only MTV. I may just cancel my cable if these two don't come to an agreement.

Panthers4204d ago

Wow. South Park is my favorite show. VH1 also gets watched a lot in this house. Looks like we may switch to satellite soon :(

I hate satellite too, but damnit I need those channels.

Raoh4204d ago

your damned if you damned if you dont.

option 1. no viacom channels.

option 2. higher cable bill

IzKyD13314204d ago

option 3. switch services

Blasphemy4204d ago

Time Warner basically has a monopoly in my area.

Panthers4204d ago

There is no other cable service in our area. Its satellite or nothing. And satellite sucks.

ThePlaystationFour4204d ago

They want us to contact them... I don't watch a lot of tv... I usually watch on the computer but I still watch VH1 and MTV here and there. But It looks like I wont be watching UFC anymore. Plus there gonna lose a lot of viewers because they disbanned Nick.

whateva4204d ago

the Little kids are going to go crazy when they lose all them cartoons

Xbox Street Gang4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

Thank god for Cablevision!

Spongebob and Nick @ Night can't be missed. haha

thebudgetgamer4204d ago

btw time warner stinks
direct tv ftw


EastCoastSB4204d ago

Yay for Cablevsion and IO!

IzKyD13314204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

I see alot of people here live in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut : )

Panthers4204d ago

I heard Cablevision sucks, but I wouldnt know.

And TWC used to be great, until they changed their software on their boxes. Now its horrible.

I just might have to go to direct tv.

meatnormous4204d ago

As a custom technician, I never heard anything about this till today. Everyone was asking about it and I had no idea what to tell them. I hate TW, thanks for making my day at work even less enjoyable.

ThaGeNeCySt4204d ago

Cablevision FTW!

I love it and have 0 complaints... they finally added USA HD and now i'm completely satisfied :)

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