To The Media: Stop The Playstation 3 Bashing, Now

Someone once said, and one may believe it applies to the gaming world right now:

The tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs and explosives and fallout. There are weapons that are simply thoughts, attitudes, prejudices to be found only in the minds of men. For the record, prejudices can kill, and suspicion can destroy, and a thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has a fallout all of its own; for the children, and the children yet unborn.

It's funny because the person who said this was not even involved with video games, and he didn't say that when computer games existed (at least not to the common knowledge). It was Rod Serling, writer and narrator for the 1960's TV show "The Twilight Zone" in an episode entitled "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street". This quote was the closing narrative of that episode, and it is probably one of the best quotes to be used at many times during the history of the world. This quote now also fits the video game industry, as we have seen several stories submitted on and posted throughout the web concerning the so called "imminent gloom and doom" of a console, just after one month in which the system sold less units in November of 2008 to the November the year before. Apparently, the people that so wanted to become the martyrs for the Playstation 3 in 2008 have been let out of their cages. Little do they know that they either have some short-term memory loss, or failure to care of showing bias, or something. Because the straw men arguments are getting old and tired, yet come with no new ideas, information, or anything to show that they actually have common sense with their stories at a rate of one or two a day, and they get even more pathetic with every passing day and article.

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Cajun Chicken4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

Really good write up. I only one reason why all the PS3/BLU-RAY FUD is being posted, the media likes a falling giant.
Of all companies, Sony was the lest expected due to the domination of 2 generations in a row and as the article says, everything didn't go as smooth for Sony this time.

Saint Sony4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

Please do not blame 360 fanboys of negative PS3 news.
Sony has not done as well as expected and does not show many signs of better PS3 future either.

Game after game, nothing really changes, everyone said "just wait till MGS4"..."just wait till LBP is out"... and now "just wait till Killzone 2 comes"...

2 of those great games are out, yet Sony failed in Christmas a biggest season when people actually do buy this stuff.

Cajun Chicken4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

Mainly for the fact the 360 was released first and took Sony totally by suprise, but the 360 didn't get away scot free, it got disc scratching drives, airport sounding fans/drives, overheating issues and hardware failure such as RROD due to rushing out being first.
Also, OBVIOUSLY the PS3 is more expensive as a package, so that would affect sales a bit too.

The christmas sales are aimed for kids, so the parents would of bought them the cheaper console, thats common logic or a Wii for some fact (and bizzare reason).

JD_Shadow4209d ago

The main issue behind those sluggish sales, I think, however, was that Sony didn't have the marketing machine on anything for a WHILE, thus no one knew that the games came out. I'm pretty sure more people would buy LBP or Resistance 2 if they knew the damn games EXISTED!. The PS3 needs more marketing of its strengths, and though they are trying, they need to do some more mass marketing to see things turn up.

Le Idiotce4209d ago

The PS3 is the only console with a real future ahead of it.

3 years from now there will be a lot of angry 360 and wii people. Mark my words.

HDgamer4209d ago

You sure love to make up false facts. Do you even play these games anyway, I really doubt that you own a ps3 let alone play any ps3 games. You have nothing better to say but to bash a game console and you call yourself a gamer. How sad.

yamamoto1144209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

The PS3 is just as successful as the 360. If people are going to call out the PS3 for failing, then they really need to start making articles about the 360's demise too, because both of their performances in the charts is almost matched.

At the end of the day, the whole truth is that they're all VERY successful consoles with a long future ahead of them.

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Mr_Bun4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

I think that the only people who are going to read the entire article are those that already agree with the writer. I completely agree that this Sony bashing has gotten way out of hand...

Could Sony be doing better?....Yes

Is Sony in bad shape?...............No

xwabbit4209d ago

Saint Sony you clearly dk what ur talking about if PS3 is doing bad in sales in this 2 years then xbox is horrible in its 2 years because xbox 360 sold 13 mil in 23 months while PS3 had 17 Mil. So dont talk from your ass ? BTW MGS4 boosted a 300% in hardware sales ok ? You can just google that up if u don't believe me. Only reason y they haven't sold as much copies as they should is because they don't do ad's about them. Xbox360 sales a lot cus they hype everything and do millions of ads for the game. LBP and MGS4 are both amazing games and who ever doesn't see that is very dumb

Agent VX4209d ago

Wow, this is one poorly written fanboys rant. His arguments are laughable, and he comes off crying like a little baby. So many facts are wrong, I don't even know where to begin.

This silly fanboy calls the media a bunch of "whores" and says that the don't do their job. He kindly leaves out the fact that the PS3 hasn't sold well since it started. Yep, compared to the 360, it has sold better, but from the previous generation of Playstations, it is selling horrible. At the same time the PS2 had sold over some 25.8 million compared to around 18.8 million PS3's, which is almost a 30% drop off from last generation. Mix in the fact that the PS3 now has to deal with 2 console considerably cheaper, and declining sales from last year. The PS3 is now getting outsold every week by the 360, sometime by over a 2 to 1 margin.

When a company like Sony has lost that many previous consumers, it can only be considered a failure. Mix in the fact that the world economy is in a tailspin, expensive electronic items are the first to be cut out. People are now in "Bargin Mode", and the PS3 doesn't fit that category. Until the economy turns around, PS3 sales will even get worse as time goes by. That is why there are so many "doom and gloom" articles on the PS3 right now, Sony needs to drastically cut the price of the PS3 if it wants to survive.

Face the facts fanboys, the PS3 sales have soured ever since the economy took a huge hit back in September. The cheaper priced console have take off by both beating last years figures over "Sept - Dec". While the most expensive console, the PS3 has lost sales in "Sept - Dec". Like it or not, this is why Sony is in big trouble with the PS3 right now.

Once a console starts to lose its pace, recovering from it could be next to impossible, especially when it is priced so much more than its competition and in the middle of a global recession. The facts and figures all point to rough times ahead for the PS3.

xwabbit4209d ago

Agent i forgot the PS2 started at 700 and 600 bucks that's y. Now the PS3 is at 500 and 400 bucks like the PS2 was. Dam i should of though of that b4, and not that we are facing an economy problem too so they should sell even more at that price right ?

4209d ago
TheTwelve4209d ago

Bottom line is this: the winner of this console war is going to sell 100 Millions units. Microsoft is only barely ahead now due to their head start, and that headstart is truly only being felt in America.

With the lineup of games for Sony in 2009, plus Blu-Ray picking up in a major way, claiming that Sony is done right now merely shows a person's very low intelligence level.


Saigon4209d ago

but people also forget they have more than one console on the market. If you truly think about it, since the PS3 is losing about $45 on every console sold, Sony is making that money up with each sale of a PSP and PS2. So who is truly making money.

TheTwelve4209d ago

Sony makes movies, tvs, gps systems, goes on and on. With all of their hardware products, they cost the most compared to their competitors but are generally of better quality and lasting ability.

Sony is not afraid of selling a bit less then their competitors while actually bringing in equal or more revenue due to the higher pricetag.

In the end, the best products remain relevant on the market.

With Microsoft's very poor hardware, slight lead, mere dvd capability and lack of big exclusives in 2009, these people who are supposedly so good at telling the future and bash Sony should reapply their focus.


Doppy4209d ago

People in general are evil. They love to see drama, and so the media feeds off of this, and reports PS3 is doomed stories. Since Sony has been first the last 2 generations the media expected Sony to be first again, and how Sony hyped the PS3 they expected the PS3 to blow the competition out of the water in overall quality. But since most games have been comparable to the competition (some PS3 titles stand), people quickly wrote it off as the PS3 is just an over priced 360. But come 2009 unless MS has some games still hidden then we'll start to see the PS3 outshine the 360, and hopefully come into it's own by year's end.

tatotiburon4209d ago

c'mon are you serious?, can you fanboys at least post news from reliable sources and not s*** ps3 fanboys sites??, c'mon have you seen this gamegazette? is a joomla site with the worst template ever, it only have two reviews and one doesn't work anymore, the site was created in october obviously by a ps3 fanboys now it only have 3 o 4 news, nothing more....c'mon if you wan to fight CNN, NYTIMES, YAHOO, WP, CNET at least with good sites, no mores crappy sites and sh*** blogs from PS3 fanboys.

candystop4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

You guys keep on riding the Sony train with pride while the rest of us sit back and watch it all fall apart lol. Also we don't know what games are coming out on PS3 next year. You people all know that most of Sony's announcements normally get kicked back a year or two so expect this to be 360's year. Ten bucks says when ever a game is pushed back Sony fanboys will try and say they never said it would make it, and then give a new list.

Edit below: Sony's line up will be delayed just like every year so please spare us. We all know the only reason there announcing so many games is to make the gullible believe that there in it to win it as usual. As far as kz2 goes good luck but personally I don't believe GG can pull it off.

Edit: And why the heck are you talking about Nostradamus? I think there are other forums for those types of debates.

TheTwelve4209d ago

CNN? NYTIMES? YAHOO? CNET???'ve just listed some of the most biased and corrupt news organizations for us all to see in one place. Thanks.

And Killzone 2 is pretty much on time. February. Sony haters' only hope is that the amazing lineup of games in 2009 are delayed.

So go ahead, find your comfort in these quack predictions based on no fact or foresight.

You all probably believe the world will end at 2012 too, like Nostradamus(sp?) said. Since you base your ideas on no logic and whatever fad of false intellect is taking place at the time, you might as well believe in Nostradamus.


jadenkorri4209d ago

both ps3 and 360 fanboys are winers, both consoles have been bashed, but thing is thou, ps3 is doing better when the 360 was 2 years old, people have a forgetful mind and don't consider that the ps3 is only 2+ years old where as the 360 is 3+ years old, yes the 360 has 25 million and the ps3 has 18 million, but thats not much of a gap for 1 year, will the ps3 sell more thna the 360 maybe one day, but not in 09..

Bubble Buddy4209d ago

It only takes one person to write an article from a "reliable" website. There might be an honest person in a random website, and corrupted people in "reliable" websites. This doesn't mean that everyone in reliable websites are necessarily bad, or that everyone in barely known websites are good, it is just implying the fact that there are honest and dishonest people in both sides.

Marceles4209d ago

I wonder what would've happened if they never got rid of Kutaragi, it just seems like the same staff isn't working for Sony anymore, but I agree...the PS3 bashing this month has gotten ridiculous. It feels like launch day all over again

Bloodwar4209d ago

I am not going to speculate where but the PS1 and PS2 were not released for 700 dollars. Try 368 dollars each. Both of the consoles were released for 368 dollars in 1994 and 2000 respectively.

Hoki Loki4209d ago

This article has made me decide to turn my 5 websites towards digging up and reporting anything negative about Sony and the PS3

Lambert4209d ago

So a N4G Sony fanboy has the audacity to demand that the entire media stop bashing the PS3, after 2 years of N4G users contributing their anti-Xbox tripe from their homemade websites. F*CKING HILARIOUS! To the author of this article- You're a living breathing joke. Go back to studying Mein Kompf, you facist pig. This isn't nazi Germany, the media can report whatever the hell they want if there is a ring of truth to it.

GiantEnemyCrab4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

"So a N4G Sony fanboy has the audacity to demand that the entire media stop bashing the PS3, after 2 years of N4G users contributing their anti-Xbox tripe from their homemade websites. F*CKING HILARIOUS! To the author of this article- You're a living breathing joke."

Quoted for mofukn truth!!!!!!!!!!!!

TVC154209d ago

"There is always some excuse, such as the so-called "360 shortage" that Microsoft kept claiming and every chorus member, media whore house, and fanboy just amplified to any decibel that they could get in order for the unsuspecting consumer to hear and take seriously. They over-hype the negatives while never appreciating the positives"

translation: "bawwwwwwwwwwwwww"

IcarusOne4209d ago

I think there's a little weight behind this charge. But I think the flurry of anti-PS3 articles is because they get so many hits. For whatever reason, whether you love the PS3 or hate it, there's a certain fascination with these ideas about Sony's doom and gloom.

I suspect that if we stopped clicking on these articles, stopped reading them (because you already know they're just going to piss you off) they'd probably start to dry up.

What does it matter what CNN thinks about the system? We know they don't know what they're talking about. Our defense of the system does nothing but make us sound bitter and angry. Sony pays people a lot of money to respond to stuff like this and take care of their consumer image. All they need us to do is play their games.

Legion4209d ago

So Darkpower makes a blog and then links it as a news story on N4G to advertise it??? Is there nothing wrong with this...?

I guess I should go out and create an internet site and write anything I think is news worthy, make it look like an article and then advertise my work on N4G.

What has this site become....????

BattleAxe4209d ago

I don't even bother reading anti-sony articles anymore. They have no basis in reality.

soxfan20054209d ago

Hey Twelve - I'm just curious. What news organizations do you not consider corrupt?

Sarcasm4209d ago

All I see are the usual 360 folks Agent VX, Saint Sony, etc. etc. babbling on about the same crap.

Give me Killzone 2, God of War 3, Gran Turismo 5 etc. etc. etc. and I could care less what a married 45 year old (Agent VX) says on N4G.

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ape0074209d ago

that's it

ms has a stronghold in almost most sites

it's obvious

ravinash4209d ago

Its mainly American site which come out with this news.
its mainly for 2 reasons.
1. 360 is doing well in the US and the media there tends to ignore whats happening in the rest of the world unless it backs up their story.
2. Americans buy American products, its the same thing in the car industry. Go to America and you will see on the road mostly American cars and not many japanese or European cars.

DaKid4209d ago

"Americans buy American products, its the same thing in the car industry. Go to America and you will see on the road mostly American cars and not many japanese or European cars."

The failing auto industry in the US says otherwise.

Kotaku_Succs4209d ago

All american products have failed .

GM /FORD are almost bankrupt.

SONY makes a lot of money from other divisions
and SONY will win this gen based on Europe and Japan sales

USA sales alone wont help MS since X360 doesnt sell thatr great in USA when compared to Wii or PS2 at the same time in history

PS3 will also win this gen --in USA too

ravinash4209d ago

@ DaKid - the car industry everywhere is in differculty at the moment.
if families can't guaranty their income, the last thing they want to do is spend money on a new car when the old one will do.
The US car companies are in partitual trouble because they are very wasteful with bosses spending money like there was no tomorrow and now going to the government when they didn't have any left. as well as the culture of big cars using big gas like the stuff will never run out. like many American products, its aimed at the US market but the things Americans like don't work as well out side the US.

@ Kotaku_Succs - a little harsh, but true in some areas.
The point i was trying to make is American will get behind their own product just because its US made. Nothing wrong with that, but yes, sometime the US made product isn't the best out there.

athlon7704209d ago

only one issue, Microsoft is a USA company, but the product is made in Taiwan and Japan using grade B and grade C parts. Meanwhile, Sony gets all the grade A parts for the PS3 and it shows. My biggest gripe is where are all the doom and gloom write ups against the box that three years later is still scratching disks and still has a above average failure rate. Where are the articles stating that until the American Company MS gets their act together, that consumers should save their money and not purchase a faulty product?

Halochampian4209d ago

You are wrong. Americans dont buy because of where it is made. If anything, Japan is the ones who only buy Japanese products.

I dont know of anyone buying a 360 because it is "American."

Helghast4209d ago

You spelled "champion" wrong. That sucks O_o

You have it spelled "champi-A-n". It's supposed to be spelled like "champi-O-n". With an "o" not an "a".

Sarcasm4209d ago

"I dont know of anyone buying a 360 because it is "American." "

Then you just haven't met the person yet. It might not be rampant, but I unfortunately know of one (who I'm not really friends with anyway).

But he'll go on and on and on about how his Camaro will smoke crappy rice rockets. He'll buy only parts made in the USA. Then of course he babbles about how the Xbox is one of the greatest USA products ever made and the playstation is for chinks.

Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if he was on N4G and his name was Agent VX.

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ape0074209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

double post

power of Green 4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

PS3 being spoken about as if it were a person, doesn't do the console any favors lol.

Reporting the news is not bashing, making things up that are not true is.

Sony's own fans malice has done the damage not the media.

Nothing has changed other than sales and the fact SDF/Sony are no longer able to hide what PS3 really is.

Cajun Chicken4209d ago

...silent when running games?

power of Green 4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

havn't read any forced anti PS3 news lol.

I'v seen news about all three console's sales performance.

I'v seen articles from shocked media when it comes to the up hill battles PS3 faces.

I'v seen the usual multi platform console preformance diferences.

Is this what you guys are crying about?, thats news buddy.

EDIT: @#5

I agree that summs up any media outlet that doesn't have a motive to blindly back Sony as they did after PS3 fans tried to destroy any company's cred after reporting multi platform game diferences etc.

I'm thinking the media no longer fears Sony's fanboys. PS3 won't have the support that will allow fanboys to practice slander on a level big enough to hurt media oulets in the near future.

Point is they're simply reporting news and not ignoring due to PS3 fan backlash but reporting is not bashing .

Dude/man I know every step of this console generation/war(no goldfish memory, paint another picture when no ones looking... HERE) lol

I'm not hated here on N4G's because I'm some rabid fanatic attacking with out reason, its because I the mutha fucin Nostradamus of gaming lol.

Cajun Chicken4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

ave you not?

Funny, I see a majority of articles jumping on what is called a 'bandwagon',
The good thing is, the fact that real consumers don't go on N4G let alone heard of the site nor do they look up economy sites exaggerating a situation due to a bad months sales due to another console that serves almost the same purpose minus quality tech for a lower price because said economy site doesn't get any hits from the general public due to the depression the current economy, so they have to write about something the public would actually concieve and understand.
Hence being a popular embedded word and franchise brand 'Playstation' everyone knows Playstations.

strotee4209d ago

Why would you continue to comment on an article you reported as Spam? I would think a normal person would report an article and then move onto another one without being an active part of the reported article.

thereapersson4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

You, good sir, are the epitome of irony in this situation.

Just give up.

Also, you would have to be a complete facking idiot (which you make a convincing case for) to not see that many of these so-called "credible sites" are doing nothing more than jumping on the PS3 hate bandwagon because it's popular, and popular opinion = website hits and advertising revenue when applied correctly.

Darkseider4209d ago

"Reporting the news is not bashing, making things up that are not true is."

Which is exactly what the media is doing. Every story that has hit N4G that are anti-PS3 or paint a bad light on it are all opinion pieces. Blu-Ray this, lower price and cut options, etc... Not one of these articles has been anything factual other than Black Firday and Christmas sales figures. Hell there was even a "Goodbye PSP" article or something where the author, who is a Senior Editor of Yahoo Games, states that it only has a 13 million installed base. Seriously, the media is a joke and has been not only tech and gaming but the media in general.

ultimolu4209d ago

You truly disgust me PoG. I have had enough of your nonesense. You have been spewing one hateful comment after another for the PS3 and have showered the 360 with nothing but praise.

How could you call yourself a gamer?

Blitzed4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

LOL I truly didn't think you could be any more of a loser than you already were and then you wrote this:

"Dude/man I know every step of this console generation/war(no goldfish memory, paint another picture when no ones looking... HERE) lol

I'm not hated here on N4G's because I'm some rabid fanatic attacking with out reason, its because I the mutha fucin Nostradamus of gaming lol."

You have outdone yourself again! Get a life; its people like you that make it embarrassing for people like me to say they are a gamer.

The best part about it is that anyone who really knows anything about Nostradamus is well aware that any of the predictions attributed to him are huge literary stretches and that he really didn't predict anything.

Also, aren't you the one always whining about PS3 trolls in 360 threads?

Halochampian4209d ago

Isnt this what happened with all the RROD articles?!?!

What goes around, comes around.

Dont worry Sony fanboys. Once the PS3 gets back on track, these articles will go away. Even if it doesnt, people will get tired of it like RROD.

It's called the news. People dont always like the attention it gets. But remember bad publicity is better than no publicity.

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gears224209d ago

Just summed up Gamedaily,1up,kotaku and every other bullshit coming from the media,and simply made them look like pathetic tools.Which is true<-- Unfortunately.