Street Fighter 6 Release Date Leaked by PlayStation Store, Digital Editions Detailed, New Art

Street Fighter 6 release date is s set for June 02, 2023! Pre-order bonuses, Deluxe, and Ultimate Edition have also leaked.

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BestBusdriver54d ago

And not forget.... deluxe extra complete arcade fund capcom edition 😆😆

gangsta_red54d ago

Wasn't digging this at first but it's definitely starting to grow on me

hotnickles54d ago

How did you not instantly hype the direction of street fighter 6? What was the turn off?

gangsta_red54d ago

Wasn't digging the art direction at first and it looked way too campy trying to be urban with the bright colors and generic hip hop sounds.

But seeing more of the gameplay and roster, it's grown on me.

MADGameR54d ago

Don't think I'll be picking it up considering they will have like 3 or 4 more editions. Street Fighter 6, Super Street Fighter 6, Street Fighter 6 Arcade Edition, Street Fighter 6 Championship Edition, Street Fighter 6 Ultra.