Pokemon Scarlet and Violet technical woes have left me worried about Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Can the aging Switch really offer a blockbuster sequel?

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Snookies1260d ago

I give Nintendo a lot of crap, and yes the Switch is outdated tech. But Pokemon's woes are because of Game Freak's incompetent developers first and foremost. Some people seem to think it's because of the release date deadline they had. But I call BS on that as well. They've been resting on their old formula and copy/pasting every game for countless years. Meaning they have very little experience with open worlds in a 3D environment. Which is funny, because they make INSANE amounts of money every game for little effort on their part. Where does all that go? Why can't they use that to hire some people that actually know what they're doing in 3D open world game development? It just baffles me...

Neonridr60d ago

I mean Game Freak and Nintendo aren't even close when it comes to quality levels.

porkChop60d ago

Game Freak isn't Nintendo. Come on, man. I'm not saying TotK will have perfect performance or anything. This is just such a dumb premise for an article. Nintendo is usually really good when it comes to performance in their games.

GoodGuy0960d ago

Nintendo typically does a great job on the technical side when it comes to in house. But yea, I'm a bit worried but then again tears looks exactly like botw so I'm sure performance will be about the same. Some villages may be a bit framey like kakariko and hateno though.

Phlacky58d ago

I honestly think with Nintendo's track record of Zelda entries that this will be releasing on new Switch hardware. Fingers 🤞

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