New PlayStation Handheld Reported Again, Supposedly Runs PS4 Games

Another leaker has claimed that a PSP/PS Vita style PlayStation handheld is in the works, and it'll supposedly support PS4 games.

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anast12h ago

If this is true, it will crush everything for the price.

-Foxtrot11h ago

If you had every PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP and PSV game then sure but I mean if it's just the PS4 why not just get a Steam Deck?

anast30m ago

You might be correct, but it depends on the price point. Also, most PC gamers wait years for Sony releases, so it might be better just to get the PS4 handheld.

MeteorPanda1h ago

I still play my vita. The oled screen was too good for it's time. I obviously had to home brew it but playing my old snes/ps1 games on it is so good.

Skuletor21m ago

How many people will buy this at launch? As a Vita owner, I'd definitely hold back after how Sony's support for that turned out.
Also, PSP played near PS2 quality games, PS Vita played near PS3 quality games, shouldn't the next Playstation handheld be aiming for near PS5 quality?


Microsoft targets late 2026 Xbox Next launch with new COD game

Rumour has it that Microsoft has a new Xbox in the works, and its launch will coincide with Infinity Ward's next COD game.

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purple10115h ago

So that’ll be £1000 with a zen 5 cpu and god know what graphics card

Good one

Also now they have promised cod on nintendos systems, the switch 2 might become VERY popular as a cod console with the kids, tethering it to their 5g phones, or the schools WiFi hehehe

chicken_in_the_corn13h ago

Don't believe it. The documents from the FTC case say 2028 and that holds more weight than this.

ThinkThink11h ago

I think they are going to drop a handheld next year and a next gen console the year after. I think it'll be one sku though at launch

Zeref58m ago

A lot of things in that document turned out to be cancelled plans though. We should have seen the digital series X by now and the new controller.

Sonic18812h ago(Edited 2h ago)

Microsoft has a long ways to go when it comes to the gaming industry

ravens522h ago

This is another thing MS is doing that I don't like. Like chill, foster your teams and try to make the beginning of some good series on the already powerful series x. They are trying to rush this gen. It's coming up on four years. So this gens life will be 5 years and on the 6th the next gen will be released? Stupid. Makes no sense especially seeing how long everyone has supported the Ps4 and Xbox 1. Annoying.

OtterX1h ago

Yea, they have had terrible 1st party support for 2 gens now. Why would anyone rush out to get this new XBox, especially when they plan to bring the games they do have to Playstation? I love PS5 + Switch + PC. I don't see the point of an XBox console at all.

Reaper22_1h ago

Perhaps some people like playing games on xbox.

Sonic188119m ago(Edited 17m ago)

"I don't see the point of an XBox console at all."

You can play Xbox games on a smart TV in 1080p now lol as long it has the game pass app. No need for an Xbox

Einhander19721h ago

So, Microsoft has sold less consoles than the previous gen the past two generations with this most recent generation falling off the most. And in this current generation the most popular console by far is the least expensive one. But they are going to try to push out another console that is supposedly powerful not the thing that actually worked for them a cheap game pass console...

And they are going to come out with this thing when the PS5 Pro will be on the market so it's unlikely that they will be able to make any significant power gains. Certainly not to the point that PlayStation 5 won't be able to play the games. Heck we see how long the PS4 has stayed relevant, PS4 games will still be getting released in 2026. And given their console sales track record no publisher under the sun is going to skip PlayStation to make games for xbox. And with the way Microsoft is positioning themselves as such a rival publisher I can't imagine many publishers really looking to prop xbox up. Heck we hear rumors of publishers skipping xbox for releases.

If this is actually true, this thing is DOA.

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PlayStation Store Being Investigated for Anti-Competitive Practices in Poland

Polish headquarters of Sony Interactive Entertainment were raided by government authorities as part of an investigation into their anti-competitive practices.

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