Immersive new features give the Moss franchise a fresh look and feel on PlayStation VR2

Moss and Moss Book II take advantage of the immersive Sense controllers and more on PS VR2 in February 2023.

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crazyCoconuts108d ago

Neat use of eye tracking to highlight things and provide dialog around what you're looking at. Anyone surprised they're isn't a free upgrade to PSVR2 though?

SullysCigar107d ago

There are free upgrades being announced, but I don't understand why they're doing that so slowly. Loads of games being upgraded, though, thankfully.

Moss was exclusive to PSVR for a long while, so you'd think it would have made it's money and the devs might confirm free upgrade.

Moss 2 came fairly late and I expect they'll make more on PSVR2 than they did PSVR.

philm87107d ago

I think the devs would probably need extra support from Sony to make it a free upgrade as there looks to be a lot of work go into it. Can't underestimate the amount of work required for the change in tracking technology, but then it's on Oculus so most of the work is presumably done already. Eye tracking/haptics use sounds great though.

crazyCoconuts107d ago

I'm guessing the headset/controller tracking tech is abstracted from the game, but the new features around eye tracking, controller features, etc. all obviously take more development, so I guess I don't blame them for charging. Would be nice to have an upgrade fee that's lower for those that already have to ps4 version via PS+ for example

philm87107d ago

@jznrpg agreed, but I don't think Polyarc would have the ability to do this necessarily unless Sony funded it.

CBaoth107d ago

seriously, you guys are surprised by corporate greed? The stupid, convoluted upgraded path for early PS5 cross gen titles wasn't a clue they would try this?

My advice; don't bite. Wait for the negative publicity, and Sony will make it free eventually. They like to nickel and dime the early adopters it seems. I didn't pay for one single cross gen IP yet still got all the PS5 versions in my library

jznrpg107d ago

It’s up to the devs to offer free upgrade

philm87107d ago

Convoluted upgrade path? Most cross-gen games were simple free upgrades, anything that was convoluted was down to the devs/publishers such as Activision with CoD.

This is not a cross-gen title is it? It was released as a PSVR 1 title and designed for that. You need to understand that developers like this work hard and there's no reason why they should do extra work for free. Polyarc aren't big enough to put this down to corporate greed.

Einhander1971107d ago

Astro bot rescue mission please 🙏

spambot0815107d ago

bundle it with ps5 and psvr2