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VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "When weighing the totality of Modern Warfare II, it’s a case of its better qualities inching forward instead of any sizable leap. It’s not as desperate to make sophomoric statements about “the cost of war,” yet it’s also one of the series’ most lopsided in terms of quality. Co-operative options aren’t trash at launch this time, but how much does its limited amount move the needle? Competitive has some neat nuances, but its iterative nature makes so many recent entries blend together.

It’s like eating Trail Mix, only some of the nuts and raisins are past their expiration date. If someone hypothetically put a gun to my head (for “de-escalation” purposes, of course) for my overall thoughts, the best I can muster is a long sigh and admit maybe it’ll be worth checking out for fans after a few more updates."

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coolbeans103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

Eh... after trudging through Vanguard, I think that's being too harsh. PC version? I heard that's in rough shape.

Profchaos103d ago

Not even close sorry maybe next year.

Crows90103d ago

Well im loving the DMZ mode...cant believe thats free.

coolbeans102d ago

It's weird how most of CoD's best qualities have been found in Warzone/Warzone 2.0 these past few years. Maybe Cold War is alright (haven't tried it yet).

P_Bomb102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

“On the foul end, Santa Sena Border Crossing may go down as CoD's worst 6v6 map in years”

My kid does NOT like that map, lol. Nor having to level up weapons he doesn’t like in order to unlock ones he does. Side note: he finally got Akimbo pistols.

coolbeans102d ago

Without a doubt, it has the most abused spawn system of any MWII map.

FPS_D3TH102d ago

I stopped playing because of the bugs and crashes. They’re getting less frequent now but the game isn’t worth the hassle on pc. Playing older games again like STALKER and it’s really exposed me to how poorly games are made today with way more focus on making money and throwing you into money making time wasting gameplay loops than anything