Report: Apple working on large-screen iPod Touch

Apple is expected to release an iPod Touch device with a 7- to 9-inch screen in the fall of 2009, according to a report on TechCrunch that cites three independent sources.

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doshey4210d ago

the things already big but hey bigger is better so this is sweet

Eiffel4210d ago (Edited 4210d ago )

Iphone without the Phone feature.

Thats Ipod Touch.

So Original and Creative!

DR-IVO4210d ago

thats apple for you, add one little new feature and call it new. sadly people will still buy it

Eiffel4210d ago

I'm willing to bet they will add a "Hip, Dope" title to it like



Apocwhen4210d ago

Slightly OT, but any of you guys see the new Samsung P3. It's looking nice.

I love the iPod Touch/iPhone UI but there are two things that are a must have for me which no iPod has ever had. Lossless codec support (FLAC) and an FM Radio.

Meus Renaissance4210d ago

This is stupid. The iPod Touch is already as big as most people would like, dont forget it's also an MP3 player so it must be able to fit inside your pocket. There is no point in increasing the size of the screen because you know the price on that thing will come close to a laptop.

mboojigga4210d ago

I don't see what is stupid about it. The PSP is as big as the screen Apple is talking about. The PSP as big and thick it is still fits in peoples pockets. to have a 9inch size ipod touch is good news for me. I have a first generation touch. I am glad i didn't get the current one with a smaller screen.

poopsack4210d ago

its cool to hate on apple! :D

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