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VGChartz's Thomas Froehlicher: "One of the first things I thought while playing Star Ocean: The Divine Force was that it was putting the series back on the right track, but it ultimately does more than that. It takes enough from Star Ocean: Till The End of Time in terms of spirit to fill series veterans with wonder, while also bringing new and compelling content to the table in terms of battles, characters, graphics, world design, and mini-games. This makes it a delightful RPG in its own right, rather than just a good retro-like experience."

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coolbeans113d ago

It looks genuinely fun too. I have to get to playing it soon.

HyperMoused113d ago

Havnt played a Star Ocean since my PS days, i have this one and its a great time, it feels a little dated with graphics and level design, its a bit early PS era sort of stuff, but it has all the fun of that era as well, its a fun game i would recommend for sure.