Video Chums AAA Game of the Year Awards 2022

“Finally, it's time to hand out awards to the biggest video game productions of the year so here's the very best in 12 distinct categories.” - A.J. Maciejewski from Video Chums.

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HeliosHex55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Review wise Bayonetta got trashed. But I guess it is the only action title released this year so easy win.
Horizon is a good game but you spend far more time crafting and gathering than anything else not to mention the long cut scenes. Elden ring should have won open world award.

jznrpg55d ago

Crafting is fast especially when you upgrade ….

HeliosHex55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

@jz Yeah but still I found it boring. Almost felt like a second job. But that's just me you know I prefer my open worlds with less of that monotony.

Army_of_Darkness55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

I actually didn't mind Gathering items to craft new weapons and material because it brought me to new places and battle encounters with different type of enemies, made me reassess my battle techniques for more efficient ways to kill specific machines while trying to not destroying the part I need to acquire. I found it fun and challenging. Lol! Funny enough it literally was a second job in the game 🤣 but nevertheless , HFW would definitely be my GOTY.

Flewid63854d ago

Bayonetta is also hardly a AAA game.