Dead Island 2 - Welcome to HELL-A Gameplay Trailer

Welcome to HELL-A! Join slayers Jacob and Amy on a picture postcard tour of LA – they’ve got all the usual tourist attractions covered, albeit with a uniquely horrifying vibe.

Witness the gore tech, weapons and combat gameplay, and of course the gruesome zombies, as our slayers show you around their stylish, sun-baked zombie smashing playground.

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Army_of_Darkness110d ago

I hope the graphics look this clean and marvelous in the retail version! Because I'm so buying it!

JEECE110d ago

I can't believe this is a Spring 2023 game and they are still making it for PS4 and Xbox One.

Aussiesummer110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

What they are showing is a little hard to believe, especially as it's cross gen and they've said current gen will be 4k 60fps. The gore destruction and detail and the lighting are amazing, I'm having a hard time tempering my expectations, please let it be.

MeatyUrologist110d ago

Looks incredible and like everything that Dying Light 2 should have been. Still seems a bit too good to be true though. For a game to look this good and polished after being in development for almost 10 years, switching engines twice and developers 3 times? Consider me skeptical. It looks like the quintessential FUN zombie game I have always imagined, but I won't believe it until I see it.

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