Microsoft layoffs may be imminent

It's no secret that times are tough in tech, but the industry's top dog has been consistently optimistic about its own situation. Microsoft has publicly stated that it will continue to grow and add thousands of new jobs, denying any plans more sinister than a prudent review of hiring plans. But indications from inside the wire are that things are more grim than have been publicly acknowledged.

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Kyur4ThePain4212d ago

Unfortunately for the employees, it's only a matter of time.

killax35634212d ago

Bu...bu....but Microsoft has $15 billion in cash reserves, the company is economically invulnerable. This story must be false.


ravinash4212d ago

wasn't there a thing on this site about Sony cutting 6000 - 8000 stuff and all the 360 fan boys jumping up and down about that???

Milky Joe4212d ago

Yeah, but this is different. See, the thing with Microsoft is that their greatness is second only to The Lord Almighty so a few thousand redundancies mean nothing. Sony on the other hand are about 2 weeks away from going completely bankrupt so them cutting jobs is obviously an indication of just how close to dropping they are.

At least that's what N4G told me... And N4G wouldn't lie, would it?

Hiruma Youchi4212d ago

Well same can be say

I do Remember Seeing a MS Layoff Article that came a few days ago and saw Ps3 Fanboys Jumping up and down about that. It goes both way.

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Agent VX4212d ago

It is unfortunate that anybody has to lose a job, regardless if it is from MS, Sony or any other area. All these people have families or people they have to take care of.

It is a sad state of affairs the world is in now, hopefully things turn around real soon.

thereapersson4212d ago

Now see, that wasn't so hard was it?

Put away the fanboy crap for just one minute, and suddenly matters such as this take a higher precedence on the attention scale.

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The story is too old to be commented.