The Callisto Protocol Performance Issues Were a 'Damn Clerical Error" Per Studio CEO

From IGN: "The Callisto Protocol’s stuttering issues are due to a “damn clerical error,” according to Striking Distance Studios CEO Glen Schofield.

In a string of separate replies on Twitter, Schofield explained that at launch, the wrong file was patched in for The Callisto Protocol and that the error occurred because someone was in a rush. “I’ll figure out how this happened but right now my focus is fixing. All our energy is on that. In the end, I’m responsible and accountable,” Schofield said."

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Hofstaderman61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Clerks play a role in actual programming? Even so where was the Q and A prior to release???

Snookies1261d ago

It seems Q&A has long since been abandoned now that everything can just be "fixed" with patches after launch, lol.

Dandizzle61d ago

has nothing to do with QA, QA identified the problem and it was fixed. The fixed code was not merged to the main branch for final submission, QA did their job. Just because there are bugs doesn't mean its QAs fault, often hundreds of hundreds of bugs are found and cataloged then the fixes are prioritized by management which is more focused on deadlines than quality in most cases. Thus you get issues like these. My point being the sole fault lies with management.

Dandizzle61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Q&A stands for Questions and Answers......... QA stands for Quality Assurance. Two completely different and unrelated things.

Snookies1261d ago (Edited 61d ago )

@Dandizzle - Okay, my bad? Had a brain fart, what can I say? But even if things were reported, and not fixed. Then that is still an issue of Quality Assurance for the company or developer as a whole. So... My point still stands in terms of QA for gaming in general.

SullysCigar61d ago

Q&A is often done AFTER release now and - here's the rub - you actually work in Q&A. We all do. And we pay them for the privilege.

Dandizzle61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Q&A= Questions and Answers which is when the audience asks questions of people on stage.

QA= Quality Assurance which is a part of the software development cycle.

SullysCigar60d ago

^ Any acronym is entirely dependent on the context it's used in and often differs between industries and even companies.

You understood my point. Don't be that guy.

Christopher61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

What he's saying is that the wrong version of some code was put into production, possibly due to code override in the repository update process. Clerical isn't the right term, but I understand what he means.

Not saying I back this reasoning. Regardless of what happened, it's 100% on them and part of QA is validating production.

Dandizzle61d ago

let me explain what he is saying, QA found issues i.e. performance problem. They fixed it. When merging fixed code with the main branch the said fix was not properly packaged into the final build for submission. This is not unheard or unrealistic when your studio is heavily under crunch for months at a time.
I can almost guarantee you the person who messed up was probably over worked and exhausted. This clerical error is a result of unforgiving deadlines and brutal crunch (poor upper management), so lets give them the benefit of the doubt and cut them a break, the proper fix will get out fast Im sure.

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JokerBoy12961d ago

Funny how this "error" didn't affect PlayStation at all...

mandf61d ago

Different team for different platforms

sinspirit61d ago

And I'm sure that since they had Sony devs working with them that they personally tested their version and approved it.

curtain_swoosh61d ago

big conspiracy brain right there.

Binarycode61d ago

Apparently the Clerk was an MS employee who was meant to sabotage the PS5, He did the wrong versions.

NotoriousWhiz61d ago

Actually the clerk was an Nintendo employee, but in typical Nintendo fashion, he only half did his job.

Thundercat7761d ago

Sony sent 150 employees to support the PS5 version.

1Victor61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Funny how this "error" didn't affect PlayStation at all...
And I'm sure that since they had Sony devs working with them that they personally tested their version and approved it.

Took long enough for someone to say that 👆 I was expecting it to be first post 🤷🏿.
Anyways they should do something about the crunch and over exertion of developers in video games something in the likes of mangas could work where they now give the mangakan a week off.
In the end the stigma of a delayed game is a bad game is to blame for, we all need to understand that the developers are people too and can do mistakes when overwhelmed with work

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crazyCoconuts61d ago

gotta respect his candor. Nice that he's owning it, and that it should be fixed soon

HyperMoused61d ago

Hes not owning it, "its a clerical error" is not owning it, and its obvious whats happening as its a huge problem and a major complaint, owning it would be saying we messed up we are fixing it, not those damn clerks yeah its someone elses fault but im fixing it.

UltimateOwnage61d ago

Blah blah. Stuff happens, and in many ways it’s magnified on bigger teams. You can bet they didn’t want a launch like this to result in being review bombed due to performance hiccups.

ChubbyBlade60d ago

You think it’s the ceo who applies the proper updates? Someone at the studio fucked up and he’s saying that. That person is likely to be fired.

HyperMoused60d ago

@chubbyblade no but they employ crunch which hes also blaming it on.

anast61d ago

It's mismanagement. The managers of this project need to be audited. They make way too much money and they charge way too much money for things like this to happen.

HyperMoused60d ago

Indeed these people are on millions a year and then they cry game prices need to rise.

ROCKY2861d ago

Glenn has always been full of Shyte !

SullysCigar61d ago

^ Not me, Chris, I've just finished one.

VariantAEC59d ago

The last one before your colonoscopy? That's when you're really empty.

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