The Callisto Protocol Somehow Has A More Boring Protagonist Than Ethan Winters

TheGamer Writes "The Callisto Protocol’s protagonist Jacob Lee – I had to Google that – is the embodiment of the Wetherspoons day goer, the bald ‘wahey’ dad that queues for the pub opening back up when lockdown loosens. Or at least, that’s who he is in my head. The Callisto Protocol doesn’t give us much to go off other than some grunts and the odd bit of dialogue where he buries his feelings and cracks on with the job like he’s doing something as ordinary as putting together a shed. If Ethan Winters is the Diet Coke of video game protagonists, Jacob Lee is the flat, two day old Diet Coke."

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CrimsonWing6959d ago

I disagree. I actually thought when everything comes together at the end it gives him a moment to really shine. I never felt that way about Ethan and I’m kind of glad Ethan’s story is over, but I’m more interested to see how things continue with Jacob.

Sonic188159d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Ethan Winters was a boring character.

plmkoh59d ago

Yeah the Ethan character fell apart as soon as they made him not 'normal'.

-Foxtrot58d ago

Yeah no way is he worse than Ethan

I know this game has some issues, nothing you can argue against obviously but I feel people are being way harsher and looking at any other faults they can.

Reminds me of the Days Gone reviews including talking about Deacon as a character

CrimsonWing6958d ago

You’re exactly right. I don’t know what’s going on with reviewers but it was the same for Gotham Knights, at least for me.

I went into that game expecting a 3/10 and 4/10 experience and was blown away from how vastly different my experience was from the reviewers. And it’s the same with Callisto. I really didn’t struggle playing it and really enjoyed the experience. Even got the platinum.

TricksterArrow59d ago

Meh. He is okay. Same goes for Ethan.

EvertonFC59d ago

Maybe there supposed to be boring with this type of genre? They are hardly going to be raving, having parties, rolling around with laughter with gruesome enemies around every corner in a bleak attempt at survival?

Einhander197158d ago

Really some will moan about anything, what do you expect Peter Kay running around cracking jokes FFS !!

betcha58d ago

Seems like an odd complaint, the character isn't supposed to be some kind of outrageous vocal character. It's a horror game that tries to nail you with jump scares. Would be hard to do if he talked every minute or after every push of the button like Alloy does in Horizon.

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