Microsoft Raising Prices on New, First-Party Games Built for Xbox Series X|S to $70 in 2023

Xbox is preparing to join other major games publishers in raising the prices of its major new titles from $60 to $70.

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RaidenBlack63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

oh boyy ....


darthv7263d ago

"major new titles"... whew, had me worried there.

Eonjay63d ago

Seeing how Microsoft operates, the price increase is a diversion to raise the price of GP.

Lightning7763d ago

Considering all those games are on gamepass. If Redfall and Starfield are good titles I'll buy it discounted on through gamepass.

Not a fan of the inevitable increase so I'll be the judge if the games are worth a full blown purchase or not.

SullysCigar63d ago

On the plus side, this likely means it actually only cost us gamers an extra $10 for the whole of 2023... ;^p

badz14963d ago


you...I like you! THAT'S a good one!

outsider162463d ago (Edited 63d ago )

But most major titles will be on gamepass anyway.
What should be worried is if they hike the price of GP.

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Outside_ofthe_Box63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

At least it's not during the holidays and the economy will suddenly be better come January. I heard that from people on here that it makes the price increase okay.

VenomUK63d ago

When Sony put its prices up manny on ResetEra criticised it for being anti-consumer. Now Microsoft has put up its prices ResetEra is still blaming Sony! 🤣

“Damn you jim”

“Thanks jimbo”

“ I always knew Jimbo was a pioneer”

“Afaic fuck 2K/Sony for starting this and fuck Microsoft for following”


KILLnFOOLz63d ago

Who told you the economy will be better next year? LOL, the worst is yet to come buddy

Outside_ofthe_Box63d ago

"Who told you the economy will be better next year?"

The people right here on n4g told me

Knushwood Butt63d ago


'not screwing consumers during an economic downturn is a good thing.'.

Yeah, so in 2023 the economic downturn will be over, and us consumers will be ready to be screwed by MS!

CrimsonWing6963d ago

I heard the economy is going to be worse next year. Why will it magically be better come January?

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S2Killinit63d ago

Hhaha so much for the people that were complaining about PlayStation. At least they deliver quality games.

MadLad63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Difference is Sony isn't offering a separate model to play their titles. Microsoft is. Sony was the first to jump on the $70 model across the board.
Still crappy on both sides.
On a side note, this place is going to be interesting in 2023 - 2025 when games are releasing left and right.

Dcat63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

It's because of Sony that this is happening what you mean? Oh well, doesn't really affect anyone who has game pass until they decide to raise the price of that.

generic-user-name63d ago


It's been interesting from 2009-2022 for a lot of us.

Chevalier63d ago

"what you mean? Oh well, doesn't really affect anyone who has game pass until they decide to raise the price of that."

You do realize Gearbox and other companies increased their prices BEFORE Sony right? Now that's every major publisher has increased prices. Last I checked Sony don't own Gearbox, 2K, EA, Ubisoft or any of the major publishers that increased their prices. A couple who did it before Sony/Playstation.

SolidBoss81663d ago (Edited 63d ago )


And it’s because of Microsoft that games went from $50 to $60 back in 2005…. It was going happen eventually it doesn’t matter who did it first… are you going to complain and blame Sony if Gamepass goes up too

jznrpg63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

@MadLad why would they that would be stupid for Sony to put all of their games on a sub day1 . MS offered their games day 1 not because they are a charity it’s because they don’t sell very many copies to begin with so they think they can make more money from renting you guys games and for you to be on a sub service

DarXyde63d ago

I think everyone knew, to some extent, that something had to give. We just didn't know where. And I don't blame them. I'm guessing people will likely see this as reason to get XGP. Imagine paying $70 for games and you only have a Series S. Yikes.

Now... I'm sure the Sons of Spencer will extol the virtues of XGP. They'll do that because it's what they do, but I really need to warn you lot. Be careful what you are enabling.

In my work, I used SPSS. A lot. If you don't know, it's a statistical analysis software package (I do a lot of technical work for one of the UN agencies in Asia). For a while, I ran an ancient version of SPSS. Why? Because they no longer offer perpetual licenses. I can get a monthly subscription license that updates as long as I'm subbed... But it would also cost $99/mo. When they first started doing it some years ago, my colleague was paying for it and he could use it for a few devices for $50/month. Now, it is **starting at** $99/mo per user. It also happens to be the easiest software to use of the statistical software and IBM has capitalized on that: plenty of very steep discounts for students in the universities which really primes young graduates and early professionals to cough up money once the discounts are gone. Anyway, I said screw that and bought a perpetual license for STATA.

Why tell you this? Because Microsoft is not so different from IBM —in fact, I'd say they're VERY comparable. Gamepass costs what it does now, and it's an option (for now). But just know what comes next: more money for eventually less, and it will eventually become your only option. You can complain about the $70 price of games, but what comes next may have you regretting that decision.

Or not. If that's what you're into, so be it.

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frostypants63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Not sure why people think video games would be immune from inflation. They should blame bad economic policies and global events, not MS/Sony/etc.

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sparky7763d ago

Game Pass's value just increased.

Don't know anyone who buys games full price these days, unless they have nothing else to play except new releases.

Crows9063d ago

Unless they raise the price

roadkillers63d ago

Yeah, get that Gamepass locked in for 3 years while you can

Crows9063d ago (Edited 63d ago )


I don't spend money unless there's a game that's good and I want...the expensive games argument doesn't work if you're spending a ridiculous amount right in the spot.

Lightning7763d ago

They'll definitely raise the price of gamepass but that'll be after they get all their AAA's out. Once ppl are satisfied with the AAA's the price jump will be more justified. The jump in price for game pass would be a mistake at this moment.

crazyCoconuts63d ago

So you don't have any friends that are playing the new God of War right now? Really?

rippermcrip63d ago

You don't have to pay full price for new games.

Lifexline63d ago

Yeah I really don’t get the whole buying games at $70 now arguments owned vs not owned. It’s just dumb game pass is an amazing value people just like to fight new technology always. Even if they raised the prices of game pass it would still be a better value.

I couldn’t imagine paying $70 for a game that I might not even like or never will play again more than twice at best. Just for it to collect dust.

curtain_swoosh63d ago

well, the difference between ownership ship over something and not having ownership should be very clear to you.

and you dont Just buy a game, you look at trailers, gameplay etc.

if buying games is not for you, thats fine.

EvertonFC63d ago

Amazing how many Xbox gamers are in the low poverty line, maybe gamings not for you.?

SurgicalMenace63d ago

Make the math make sense, professor!?!? People who prefer to purchase know and appreciate the time, effort, and talent of the developers. I'm just curious how you guys would grow or maintain a business by only selling at an extreme discount? Perhaps we don't understand how anyone could rely on a service instead of carrying their own weight of growing an industry they're aiming to benefit from? It's like that friend that needs a place to crash and thinks their friendship is enough to justify you providing room and board. "Hey bro, I'll give you $20 dollars from my paycheck on Friday, while him eating costs 10x that. The personification of some GP subs.

Note: I do understand that there is value in GP, but the total departure from paying full price is a recipe for disaster. But...but...but MS pays the cost for you I get but the only people who've adapted this ideology are often children or leaches.

Crows9063d ago


If your friend needs a place to crash and you make him pay then you're not his/her friend.

Your comparison is not only wrong it's a horrible comparison...quite evil actually.

I do agree that gamepass isn't that great. But the price increase is typical of Microsoft. They only follow trends. They claim to take pro consumer and gamer positions but it's all a facade. When Sony did their price increase...Microsoft was quick to say to the whole world that their games weren't increasing in price. The price increase doesn't matter we can see Xbox gamers don't buy games ..even before gamepass ...they didn't support their own exclusives. Gamepass is only going to make things worse.

niiopi63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Id rather make a one time payment for a game I will enjoy than paying monthly for nothing I enjoy and it eventually becoming more than 70$, while I wait and waste time on games that are just meh, but that's just me personally. People don't think long term and that's what subscription serves are exploiting.

elazz63d ago

When I had Xbox Game Pass PC I only played Age of Empires. Had 4 months free with AMD CPU and about 4 to 5 months I paid. I tried Gears 5 and Forza but couldn't get into it and didn't have the time. In the end I just bought Age of Empires and ended my subscription. Game pass costed me more.

I have PS Plus Extra. Same thing. Only played Returnal and Guardians of the Galaxy in 6 months time while I got Horizon, GT7 and Ragnarok. I just don't play enough so subscriptions will cost me more in the end.

SurgicalMenace63d ago


Wrong? Evil? Sorry but any person that is not in a position to exchange currency or sweat equitity for what they're asking for is actually the one who's wrong. There's not a friendship valuable enough to take losses when, in most cases, that "friend" is in a position due to poor life choices or mismanagement of resources. I couldn't imagine being of able body and expecting someone else to carry my load while having nothing to give in return. I was raised with this understanding that everything should come at a cost and you should do your duty to pay the asking price of what's desired. What do they know though, they've raised me to exercise practices that increase my immunity to economic hardships.

Note: a friend is the one that's hardest on you when no one else is willing to be. Without pressure there's no diamond so dodge me with your enabling antidotes. I'm surrounded by achievers.

kingboy63d ago

Bought Modern Warfare 2 just to play the Campaign For 69€ , finished and sold for 68€ ..jokes on who ?

tay870163d ago (Edited 63d ago )

just like i cant imagine buying a current gen console with absolutely no 1st party exclusives worth a damn outside of the near annual forza game. to each their own. not saying gamepass isnt a great deal, but id rather have amazing first party titles even if it means paying $70 for it. plus i get to keep it forever. ill go out on a limb and say MS wont have a single 1st party exclusive this entire gen that will compete with ragnarok in both terms of quality and sales wise.


How long you been a gamer? Did you not buy cod back in the days for $59 then another $59 on dlc

Lightning7763d ago (Edited 63d ago )

If Starfiled delivers I'd imagine you'd stick with that game considering it's definitely not a one and done title.

If it's a AA game I can see deleting it or clearing space seeing how they're shorter experiences.

Using Stray as an example, is a game I would delete to make room for the bigger games.

@Everton There's a thing called options. They can spend 70 or spend 10 if they want.

@Crows a facade? Like we believe generations facade? Nobody's perfect here.

generic-user-name63d ago


"a facade? Like we believe generations facade? Nobody's perfect here."

Why do people keep acting like Retunral, R&C, Demons Souls Remake, TLOU P1 and Astros Playroom don't exist? You can't play these on PS4, therefore "we believe in generations" was true.

63d ago
BlaqMagiq163d ago

Good thing sales exist. Plus I buy a game once physical and own it forever instead of paying for monthly rentals.

MajorLazer63d ago


Pretty sad you view people only in terms of money or sweat. If you have actual money, you don't need to be a c**t to prove it. If you struggle to let someone eat at your table without making them jump through hoops or making them feel bad, then they're much better off without unpleasant company like yours anyway.

SurgicalMenace63d ago

Lol. I'm surrounded by doers who came from the dirt and paved their own way while being little to no burden on others. We all need ASSISTANCE, meaning helping to bear the load and not do all the lifting for an individual. Perhaps my company is unpleasant to the weak minded, as it should be. There are no handouts in my world outside of the homeless, children, and the elderly. I earn what I have, so that is the standard set for everyone that surrounds me. I come from a stock of wealthy individuals who taught that you can't build with a team of dependents.

Sure, come to my place to get your barrings, but you better be prepared to carry your own weight and have a plan of execution. To each their own; I will never advocate for the ideology of a freeloader when there are far too many opportunities to be successful. It starts with managing yourself, and that's a burden no one should be forced to deal with, loved one or not.

VariantAEC60d ago

Not wrong, not evil especially assuming the context is the same for the friend as it is for Game Pass sub fanboys.

Imagine hosting your friend for years maybe even decades while they sit on their behind doing the bare minimum. Has a different feel. Now if I had the means I wouldn't have a problem hosting a friend for a year like if their house burned down or was ripped apart by a tornado, flooded or something serious like that. But to just room a friend "because reasons" indefinitely when they have the means to get an apartment but haven't been looking... it's not evil to kick them out.

What would be "evil"? Kicking them out if they have some medical problem that makes working difficult and you knew about it before taking them in even when they aren't freeloading nor porking your significant other nor testing out new bomb recipes for their next serial kill... you get the drift they're good person being screwed but you agreed to help them and they're good to you, your people, animals and your property but you decide to reneg, that makes you bad.

What Game Pass subs want is loads of brand new quality games every year for just one payment of $99 or so a year. That's not achievable, that makes the Game Pass sub that one "friend" you took in that freeloaded for 3 years, porked your significant other for more than 2 of those years and finally burnt your house down as they mixed some new explosives in the kitchen to set off at the nearest Christmas parade.

Ok... not all Game Pass subs are that evil, but the ones really pushing GP instead of $70 are totally that evil especially as they argue for better games and never paying that much for a game. Find something else to do with your time... like making the games you want so bad... oh right, that's too expensive!

VariantAEC60d ago

100% agreed, even given my current situation.
I don't like even asking for money so I avoid it as much as possible and I'm young have all my appendages and can work for a couple hours a day not even long enough to work my regular job anymore. I can't even sit up comfortably to play games I like more than 4 hours anymore (more like 3 hours max these days unless it's a good day). My parents think it's BS and yet I just found out my father has a bit of arthritis in his knee and foot and he wants to quit his job.

Granted my father is over 65 now but the arthritis that I have... it's in my neck and back and my father made it to at least around his late fifties with next to no arthritis. I didn't make it to 27 without noticeable arthritis throughout my spine and canal narrowing (likely messing up movement of my arms). But my parents act like I'd be freeloading by taking disability. If I can't sit up to play a video game for half a work day's worth of time... how the heck am I supposed to actually work?

As a sidenote: Get checked out any time you have an injury, especially if you have good insurance. Otherwise you'll end up like me with doctors writing you off for years even saying you have munchausen until one feels sympathetic and actually discovers those head injuries and falls you kept reporting to the other docs were probably real and "that might have contributed" to why your neck and back is so screwed up.

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curtain_swoosh63d ago

you dont seem to know alot of people then.

63d ago
EvertonFC63d ago

Correction: "you don't know any Xbox gamers who buy games these days"

shinoff218363d ago

I don't. Everyone I hear who is on Xbox only they only talk about gamepass.

gamer963d ago

Yup. imagine paying full price for all your launch games in 2022 or 2023 lol. Living in the stone age

andy8563d ago

@gamer9 God of War Ragnarok cost me £5 total after selling it. Maybe if you buy digitally but physical gaming is incredibly cheap.

Hofstaderman63d ago

The subscription model will eventually take gaming back to the Stone Age. Your attitude and others like you will devolve the industry into cheap shovelware releases.

63d ago
Christopher63d ago

Such a silly comment. You don't know anyone who plays games on the day of release? No one bought CoD, everyone is just waiting for it to lower in price? C'mon now.

andy8563d ago

Me. Its cheaper if you sell afterwards

Elda63d ago

I'm always buying games on day one when released at retail price,something I have absolutely no problem doing. Gaming is my hobby & having a great job has those luxuries.

jznrpg63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

^Thie . This is our HOBBY that most of us love and are glad to pay for !! Quality is worth money !!
Otherwise our hobby is going to go stale if we just pay a sub and accept what the companies want to give us , which will be as little as possible for as much money as possible .
Game pass is the carrot and stick trick and xboxers are falling for it . It’s 15$ a month is a great deal , then we will hear 20$ a month is a great deal , then 30$ a month is a great deal …

HyperMoused63d ago

They want you on game pass, they want you to subscribe they want you to pay constantly, its all part of the plan. Im sure it has value, but they want you to not pay once but continually pay, welcome to game pass.

S2Killinit63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Correction, gamepass value is still the same, the cost of not paying for it increased.

Profchaos63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

I do if I'm anticipating a game you know a tentpole release like a new GTA game those games are never ever going to be day 1 gamepass games.

The value for a $120 game for me in Australia or 70 USD is still realistically good value for money in my opinion if I research the game I want and I know it's going to be high quality I wouldn't go and buy a assassin's Creed for that or a FIFA game or a Indie title but a rockstar game I'd pay double happily.

And on the subject of value realistically if I take my family out for a meal I can be paying 80 dollars for take away not even high quality food so for me gaming is almost undervalued in many ways when it's a epic title.

dumahim63d ago

Yeah, I'll take playing new releases over playing old ones any day.

derek63d ago

@Sparky77 you better hope Microsoft never drops gamepass, a rental service, like they've done with their other failing efforts.

Ra3v3r63d ago

If my business was only making $300m+ a month from renting games I'd be shutting it down asap. What a failure...

CrimsonWing6963d ago

You don’t think the price of Gamepass will increase?

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-Mika-63d ago

Phil spencer is the new Todd Howard. Just lie after lie