Sims 4 pack brings classic RPG Dragon Age to EA’s free game

From PCGamesN: "A new Sims 4 pack pays homage to beloved RPG Dragon Age, adding new clothing items to CAS mode and the ever-expansive EA free game, as we all anticipate the upcoming Project Rene, the Sims 5 release date, and BioWare’s Dragon Age Dreadwolf.

Published by EA, Dragon Age Dreadwolf is still largely a mystery, with only a recently released cinematic trailer offering us details on the Dragon Age Inquisition sequel. Nevertheless, if you’re a big fan of the fantasy game, you can start showing your love in Sims 4 thanks to a new, official crossover, which adds Dragon Age-based shirts, hats, and tattoos to Create-A-Sim mode, so your personal proxy can celebrate your game tastes, too.

Available thanks to an automatic Sims 4 SDX update from December 1, there are masculine and feminine t-shirts in various designs and colours, as well as a unisex baseball cap and a range of unisex tattoo options."

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