Battlefield 2042: DICE Says They "Shot for the Moon" and Missed, but It Is a "Really Good Game Now"

DICE says they were "shooting for the moon" with Battlefield 2042 and just missed, though they think the shooter is a "good game" now.

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Kaii63d ago

"Heroes suck" & that dumb motion sensor ball that pings enemies in X proximity sucks, my takeaway from playing the other day.

peppeaccardo63d ago

My takeway from playing the other day is that I still prefer BFV ... gunplay, sound design, maps, destruction, team play is way better in BFV then 2042. IMHO ....

JEECE63d ago

Yep. Too bad so much of the community dumped all over V without ever playing it and went and played Rainbow Six Siege and Battle Royales instead, leading DICE to make Battlefield more like those games.

DuckOnQuack3562d ago

Every bf fan asked for a game like bf3 and bf4

MadLad63d ago

I think a lot of people would disagree. Not that it matters now.
There were more people playing 3, 4, and One that 2042. The only bump they'll get now is through Gamepass.

Profchaos63d ago

Games got such a bad rep I don't even think gamepass can save it.

MadLad63d ago

Oh. I'm by no means it is going to save it. Just that it might give a bump for people wanting to try it out of morbid curiosity.
Even if it is raising numbers right now, they'll be gone within a month.

This is a failed game.

EvertonFC63d ago

99% of games released with a bad 1st impression never recover.

MadLad63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

It comes with my Gamepass Ultimate subscription. I play on both PC as well as Xbox, which is why I have it in the first place; but I wouldn't outright pay for EA Play on its own though it's a nice perk to have alongside my Ultimate subscription.


Gp didn't save halo what makes you think that is saving 2042, the game is trash too much input lag

isarai63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

With what a nerf gun? GTF OUTTA HERE! You shot for peoples wallets while trying to give minimal effort and it shows. Game is trash move on.

LordoftheCritics63d ago

Umm the moon is up there not down there.

PhillyDillyDee63d ago

“Hey we’re going to break our promise and stop supporting a game that is finally starting to turn the corner into excellence so we can make an even better game next time! We promise THAT one will be AWESOME!”

They showed their hand with how they handled BFV. Anyone who fell for it with 2042: thats on you.

tbagmonster63d ago

the game plays horribly and looks awful as well

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The story is too old to be commented.