Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Pre-Order & Deluxe Edition Contents Leaked

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor pre-order bonuses, Deluxe Edition contents have leaked ahead of the announcement.

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DaReapa62d ago

Wow. So there's the ability to shoot blasters now?

Crows9062d ago

Well if he wants to hide his jediness then perhaps switching to blasters is a good idea.

61d ago
Crows9062d ago

Amazing. Loved the first one. Happy to hear news about this one again.

myfathersbastard62d ago

These are some cool pre order bonuses for a change. Loved the first one so I’ll def be pre ordering this one. Here’s hoping it doesn’t turn out like Force Unleashed 2.

ZeekQuattro62d ago

Looks like the costumes will be more robust this time around. The first game was great but it was either flight suit with a poncho or flight suit sans poncho. I wasn't expecting FU levels of choices but I couldn't belive how little there was in the end. Having a blaster is welcome as well. Even if it's uncivilized.

Hofstaderman62d ago

Props on the Obi-Wan reference.

-Foxtrot62d ago

Hope it gets a collectors edition with a high quality lightsaber hilt

jeromeface62d ago

good luck with that, saber hilt replicas are VERY expensive

-Foxtrot62d ago

If it’s high quality and it’s unique to the collectors edition then it would be worth it

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