Nintendo just doesn't seem as bothered about its mobile games anymore

Tom Phillips for Eurogamer notes that "Nintendo once had bold plans to quickly branch out into a raft of mobile game releases - but no more."

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H953d ago

While I believe mobile games have been their weakest output, Miyamoto wanted it because he wants to provide that simple experience of the past and because he likes to do everything new, so it's a bit low of them to turn their backs on it when he have moved towards other things

CrimsonWing6952d ago

No, they want mobile games because they rake in cash through microtransactions.

If they truly wanted just to provide a “simple experience” they’d have a fixed price and these would play like a traditional game.

H952d ago

Simple experience gameplay wise, Miyamoto did explain where his idea for Super Mario Run came from, it's no doubt that they want money, they are a company, but they went at mobile gaming in a small timeframe under Miyamoto's instruction

CrimsonWing6952d ago (Edited 52d ago )


I see what you mean. It just sounded like you were saying it’s some “pure” wanting to give people a simple experience when the main goal was to milk people for money and get a slice of the mobile market pie.

Asplundh52d ago

In their defense they tried the fixed priced model with Mario Run, it was a flat $10 buck and people complained, I guess some people want to be nickel and dimed.

jambola52d ago

and port some games too
with no microtransaction bs

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curtain_swoosh53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Nintendo doesnt seem to be bothered about alot of things.

i hate mobile games more than anything, but theres alot of potential there.

but, why go mobile if they could sell you their subscription service in the switch and release some games there

blue8853d ago

Let be honest switch games are mobile games themselves the new Pokémon game look worse than a lot current gen mobile games.

ZeekQuattro52d ago

It's because the Switch is making them so much money. The whole reason why they started doing mini consoles, Amiibos & smart tech games was because the Wii U and 3DS weren't meeting expectations so Nintendo started branch out. That's not a problem anymore. Plus aside from FE Heroes and maybe Mario Kart Tour those are the only ones really making them decent money.

roadkillers52d ago

Well, when a paid animal crossing gets more purchases and a mobile download… you know which route to go.

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