Hey Microsoft, where's the Mallet for the new Avatar clothes?

Ok so here at Ve3tro we won't bash Microsoft too much since the release of clothing for our avatars is free but come on give us something GOOD. What kind of people are happy with clothing that looks like it came from Timmy Mallets wardrobe. (Google name if needed)

Honestly skinny tight fit jeans doesn't work for me and I'm sure it's the same for many others. The same for the sweat bands, It's cool to add some but in bright pink?

Expand the Avatar system to allow gamers the ability to choose different colors and give us some masculine clothing. Maybe some sort of clothing from our favorite Xbox characters such as the Master Chiefs helmet.

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Cajun Chicken3794d ago

I'll have too look those clothes up.

I really want a light blue denim jacket for my Avatar as its part of my look. Saying that, theres no sign of a light blue denim jacket in Home either.

"Tini weeny polka dot bikini...OH YEAH!"

GiantEnemyCrab3794d ago

There is a denim jacket for your avatar.

GiantEnemyCrab3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

MUGEN: This is the second time I've seen you report a story as duplicate when it's not.

This story is a commentary/editorial on why these clothes are stupid, lame and ghey and not announcing the clothes like the dupe you show. If anything report it for not being marked as an Editorial.

This story is spot on. Is Aaron Greenburg making these clothing choices? Whoever it is must be a 50 year old homosexual who hasn't walked into a real clothing store in 10 years.

Mr_Bun3794d ago

It wouldn' so bad if we weren't forced to look at the avatars, but since we would be nice to have better selection. At least on the PS3 you can avoid it by not loading HOME

Capt CHAOS3794d ago

" by not loading HOME"

What? And miss out on the ONLY think going for PS3 online? (ah.. ok, there is the browser too..)

Mr PS33794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

For Once i have to Agree pp
Yes MGS4 is GOTY
Yes i always Knew you were Gay
Good for you
Not Being afraid to come out the closet like that
Does your Avatar Wear a Dress ?

XxBarretxX3794d ago

Ur supposed to have to pay for clothes in march

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