The Killzone 2 Pre-order guide [UK]

With Killzone 2's release date getting ever closer (Currently the 26th/27th Feb for us brits) most of us will be looking where to pre-order this great looking game from. Here is a guide which will show where you can get the best offers for this game from which will be updated daily, so don't forget to check back for the latest deals.

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whoelse3798d ago

Im getting mine from game. Im using a £5 off vouher that was available when i pre-ordered it in mid 08. Plus I get cashback on my GAME Card.

trancefreak3798d ago

im calling in sick gamestop better have mah game on time

MerkinMax3798d ago

Graphics are a big factor for me, but all the gameplay mechanics have to be there as well as the fun factor. Halo 3 did this for me. The graphics weren't as mind blowing as Killzone 2 but they had their own style that stood out. Gameplay was great, story was alright and multiplayer is still as fun as it was on day one. I mute all players FYI. I've needed a good FPS fix since then. Resistance has been keeping me pretty well occupied but my hopes are real high for Killzone. If Killzone 2 can do what Halo has done for me, I will be extremely pleased.

arakouftaian3798d ago

i was in the priv beta and th public beta n i can say that killzone2 will make anybody happy... i ask everbody in the beta n they love it everybody love it n im not talking abvout grafics n the amazing isics the gameplay is sooo goiood you will fall in love...

MerkinMax3798d ago

Thanks for the insight and not talking trash to me for liking Halo as well as Killzone. Good Man.

Hulligan853798d ago

I've given up pre-ordering.

Dont see the point when i can wait a few weeks, and go to a local supermarket (aswell as some online shops) and get it for a lot less.

For example i got these games in the past few weeks for a lot less than i would've had i pre-ordered.

Prince of persia : £17.99
Fallout 3 : £17.99
Resistance 2 : £17.99
Motorstorm Pacific Rift : £17.99
Mirrors Edge : £14.99

Cajun Chicken3798d ago

Yeah, too true. Luckily I got given a copy of Resistance 2 for christmas. I'm waiting closer to the date too. I haven't pre-ordered since GTAIV earlier this year and before that it was Serious Sam 2 for XBOX.

na2ru13798d ago

PS3 games less than £20 is a steal!

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