How to save the trapped worker in The Callisto Protocol

From PCGamesN: "If you have tried to save the trapped worker in The Callisto Protocol but failed, you may be wondering if there is a way to alter his fate

Want to save the trapped worker in The Callisto Protocol? Unless you’re a complete and utter monster like the savage beasts constantly attacking you, this worker’s request for help will likely resonate with a drive to preserve human life and rescue him from his predicament.

In survival horror games, friendly faces are hard to come by but generally speaking, when you find them, they come in one of two camps: either they give you something helpful or accompany you for a short time. Thankfully, there are no escort missions here. So, naturally, you now have an additional incentive to save the trapped worker in The Callisto Protocol."

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61d ago
CrimsonWing6961d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Ok, this article was an utter waste of my time.

You go through paragraphs of bull sh*t only to find out, NO, you can’t save him.

This is the epitome of click bait. Learn from my mistake and don’t waste your time.

oIMyersIo61d ago

Agreed, utterly pointless article filled with drivel explaining a scripted event that has to happen in order to progress through the area.

TheEnigma31361d ago

blame the people who approved it. I always wonder how some of these articles make it through.

anast61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Yeah, I wouldn't consume this websites content, it's low-shelf.

jdoe61d ago

LMAO literally the lowest rock-bottom gaming clickbait trash. The whole website should be banned forever from N4G, posting such links is embarrassing.