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Josh @ FG: Find yourself in the coming-of-age fable, Sable. The open world puzzle platformer is out now on PS5. The Finger Guns Review.

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LucasRuinedChildhood65d ago

This game easily has the worst framerate I've seen in a PS5 game (can dip from a smooth 60 to 20-40 just because you're moving the camera).

The devs need to provide an option to lower the resolution or something. Messing with the FOV can noticeably improve the framerate, lol.

From the hour I've played of it, I did quite like it but ... please patch the game and provide options.

I personally cannot recommend the game to anyone with a PS5 right now. The funny thing is, if there was a PS4 version, it probably would have worked well in backwards combability (like Elden Ring). There's a lot of technical incompetence here.

64d ago