Did you know a new Need for Speed came out last week? | UK Boxed Charts

Need for Speed Unbound only makes No.17. The Callisto Protocol debuts at No.6 and PS5 accounted for 74% of the game's physical sales.

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Knushwood Butt63d ago

'The Callisto Protocol debuts at No.6 and PS5 accounted for 74% of the game's physical sales.'.

That's a big slice of the pie.

MadLad63d ago

Being that it's the, mostly, only functional version; with PC being basically broken.

Won't be surprised it doesn't even hit the list very soon.

Knushwood Butt63d ago

OK, that's one angle, but it doesn't apply to NFS does it?

'78% of boxed sales for the EA racing game came on PS5.'.

-Mika-63d ago

Playstation has a much bigger market share in the UK than Xbox does. The vast majority of next gen Xbox users are on series s which is a digital system. UK chart tracks physical sales. You do the math.

MadLad63d ago

I didn't know it was this giant competition.

I made the comment purely because of the reasons mentioned and the controversy around the game.

Knushwood Butt63d ago

The article is a sales report.

Competition? MS are buying up publishers to increase competition, remember?

EvertonFC63d ago

I take it Xbox gamers don't buy games now because of GP lol

badz14963d ago

no need to buy when you knew the game will be in the vault just several months from now. IF I subs to GP, I know I won't be buying any MS and EA games, EVER!

badz14963d ago

NFS launched at #17?? how the mighty have fallen. EA should just put the game to sleep now and let Criterion makes something else

EvertonFC63d ago

You wouldn't buy it anyway.

badz14963d ago

I have bought all non-NFS games from Criterion before. Personally I think a Burnout game would do better than NFS commercially. There is basically no game like Burnout being released for a long time now.

62d ago