Wii Fanboy : Fragile is 30 hours long,no expense spared on development

Chris Greenhough writes "Three senior members of the Fragile development team have chaired a panel in Japan to answer questions about the RPG.

Between them, producer Kentarou Kawashima, art director Keiko Harada, and head programmer Munehito Yasui revealed that Fragile would take a meaty 30 hours to beat, that developing the game has taken two years, and that the entire process (including advertising) will cost "quite a bit of money" (NeoGAF's translation). Apparently, they also toyed with the idea of basing the game on exploration, with no combat at all -- a daring design choice that didn't come to fruition."

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Product3632d ago

I really hope all this money into the game pays off in the end......this game looks to have the polish most wii users want in a wii game.30 hours?is that the most for a wii game right now?

TheColbertinator3632d ago

Longer than most Wii games and it looks like the developers actually took time with it.Sounds like a gem to me

ButterToast3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

ya the game looks great, might consider buying a wii if this comes to the US.

Also i kinda like the idea of no combat too bad it didn't happen, i'm guessing it wasn't commercially feasible.

Smacktard3632d ago

So uh... did any of the development money go towards developing a secret good combat system? Cause from what I've seen of the combat system so far, it's really turning me off from the game.

AWBrawler3632d ago

In a game like this, the combat takes a backseat to the presentation, and adventure. Can't be worse than Mass Effects blue laser for every weapon combat. (I love Mass Effects Story, mind you)

ChickeyCantor3632d ago

I agree with smacktard, i was kinda looking forward untill i saw how the battle system works...

thewho3632d ago

Still looks the same as a N64 game.

ChickeyCantor3632d ago

I brought food for troll.
Now eat.

Come see Come see people I'm feeding the troll.

PS360WII3632d ago

Well like the developers said they wanted to make a game with no combat but now there is sooo that's the kind of combat you get from devs who didn't want it in there in the first place ;)

Fragile looks like a great game and 30 hours is a nice number. Now hopefully they bring it to the states!

ChickeyCantor3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

But even then, don't force an element in there...
If they didn't want one why the hell did they proceed to put one in there?

From a designers point, it's bad.

I wonder if people did notice the difference between the CGI and Gameplay xD
The game looks good but nothing special imo. I have a strange feeling people basically whent beserk when they saw the CGI....thinking it was gameplay.

PS360WII3632d ago

"I have a strange feeling people basically whent beserk when they saw the CGI....thinking it was gameplay"

lol like every other game preview no worries that happens with PS3/360/PSP/DS/and yes even Wii games.

It still looks fun even with the combat. PoP doesn't have the best battle system either but it's still a grand game to play

ChickeyCantor3632d ago

But at least PoP looked fluid xD
This however doesn''s like if he has no range at all.

Mahr3631d ago

"But even then, don't force an element in there...
If they didn't want one why the hell did they proceed to put one in there?"

From the sounds of it, because of the usual reasons: game producers/publishers/etc have ideas about the game that conflict with those of the game designers. And given that the former are usually the ones handling the money, what they want tends to get precedence.

It's all too easy to imagine a publisher looking over the game and then saying, 'Oh, what you have is interesting, but how about you add in some combat to help make the game appealing to people who like action-oriented games.'

We'll honestly be lucky if Fragile doesn't end up sporting Quick Time Events and vehicle sections, too. :/

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AWBrawler3632d ago

Its all about the story for me. again, combat system can't be worse than Mass effect. It reminds me of Trace Memory (which had no fighting) and Spirited Away. So I'm interested. If you miss out, its your loss, but I understand that maybe its not your type of game. As long as we can hit Brawl and Conduit up online together, we cool.

ChickeyCantor3631d ago

ya well happy new year to you too >=D