Upcoming DC Games Have to Bear the Weight of Gotham Knights’ Letdown

Future AAA DC games may inevitably bear unfair comparisons to Gotham Knights, which was generally disliked and could make expectations low for fans.

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CrimsonWing69118d ago

I quite enjoyed Gotham Knights.

Lexreborn2118d ago

Same, my friend and I loved it. I finally got to play with nightwing one of my favorite characters and he was a blast to play with.

Loved gliding through the city while zipping from building to building. Enjoyed his acrobatics and comedy while enduring the hardships of losing his mentor and being the guiding force of his family.

And beating people upside the head with the tonfas was fun as waiting for my other friend to be ready to play so I can jump in with red hood next. Want to see from his perspective next.

Magic_Spatula117d ago

To be technical, he uses Escrima sticks. I think Batgirl uses the Tonfa albeit a modified one. Anyhoo, I have almost 80 hours in the game. Despites it's drawbacks and performance issues on PC, I'm having fun with it. Just trying to finish Heroic Assault so I can farm for those Lv 60 Mods.

Lexreborn2117d ago

I knew it was escrima said it was escrima in my head. And still typed tonfa lol to be human is all to funny.

I played on PC and didn’t come across any issues. Granted I know my experience does NOT equal the universal experience. I do know that at its core with gameplay and mechanics that IS universal and that’s what I’m sure is consistent and highly enjoyable.

I really want to do the extra mods when I get back to it. But I had to move to other games to finish, just finished Callisto Protocol as well game was awesome

anast118d ago

Make a gritty Watchmen or Swamp Thing game. I doubt he would do it, but try to get Alan Moore on board.

Basically, quit messing around with sh#$ writers and semi-talented developers, and invest in something worthwhile for once. The DC franchise is worth it and deserve so much better.

porkChop117d ago

Alan Moore would never do it. He hates what his franchises have become and how people view them.

anast117d ago

I know. It would be cool if he would.

SurgicalMenace118d ago

Letdown? It's beginning to get to the point where you start to ask how so much faith is placed in a game anyway? They are here for entertainment not some form of mental therapy. Too many times you encounter these individuals that are so abrasive that you have to question what they were expecting? What in your life is so bad that the impact of a games reception can derail your mental well-being?

This game delivered an entertaining experience in spite of the restraints placed on it by our current economic challenges. There are so many hindrances on so many industries that you would think people would be thankful that these companies would even bother when it's so easy to just walk away. I enjoy this game and tip my hat off to WB for making a game without Batman knowing that they'd be taking a huge risk by doing so. You have to do what it takes to maintain and survive even if that means sacrificing the cost of licensing your most profitable assets.

anast117d ago

Settling for second best sets the bar too low. This is a "billion dollar" industry. Maybe they should get talent that reflects that, because I'm not seeing it. Who celebrates mediocrity?

SurgicalMenace117d ago

I mean, to be nothing more than players who are we to determine where the bar is set?It seems that society has made individuals believe that their opinions are far more valuable than they really are. What is your level of talent since you're convinced that you know what a billion dollar company should be doing with theirs? What percentage of those billions do you claim as salary? Next time be sure to demand that they consult you before starting their next project. You've got to stop letting them take advantage of all your invaluable insight.

GhostScholar117d ago

I enjoyed gotham knights too. It's easily the best story in any of the Arkham games. Gameplay isnt amazing, but its a good game in my opinion

jeromeface117d ago

gameplay is pretty important in "games"

GhostScholar117d ago

I play games for a variety of reasons guy. Some games I play for the story, some for the art direction, some for the world or game environment. Sorry I don't crap on any game that isn't God of war or eldenring.

117d ago
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