Sonic Frontiers Review - They Really Needed to Delay This | Zyro-EG

Jason says, "I’ve been with Sonic since the Game Gear. Yet, here I am, headed into yet another modern entry with my fingers crossed that it’ll be good only for it to disappoint me yet again. And here’s the thing: I give BROWNIE points for effort, for innovation, for trying to do new things. But they really needed to delay this game to polish it at the minimum. Perhaps it wasn’t in the budget, but it doesn’t change the fact that this is a janky gameplay experience where fleeting moments of genuine enjoyment are muddied by complete randomness. Adding in that it’s more of a one-and-done and pushes some very low graphical standards on current gen hardware, and I’d say I’m being favorable just trying to appreciate the fact that they attempted fresh world artistry and lore building on seemingly budget storytelling."

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Walweeze65d ago

I had a blast playing this game, really unique for a sonic game. Looking forward to the free dlc coming out in 2023

Profchaos65d ago

I'm enjoying this game in its current state I brought it knowing there would be problems and pop up in an ideal world it would be better there wouldn't be huge amounts of pop in or it would be masked better but what they actually delivered is very enjoyable and actually very fun.

I know there are fans out there that consider the game to be a affront to all they hold sacred but for the rest of us the user reviews of those that actually played it, the YouTube commentary videos and most reviews are largely positive not saying it's perfect but they all come back and say one key thing they had fun and does anything else actually matter not every game has to be rdr2 level of polish after all and sega being what it is will never be capable of that