Fortnite: Chapter 3 Finale & C4 Cameos

Fortnite Chapter 3 drew to a close this evening with the Herald finally covering the island in chrome, leaving a catastrophic end..

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Knushwood Butt55d ago

My kids woke up at 6 am to participate in this.

I could have done without being woken up at 6 on a Sunday for Fortnite.

Inverno54d ago

Plus waking up at 6 in the morning on a weekend is like a kids tradition. I couldn't miss an episode of Pokemon on Saturday as a kid.

Knushwood Butt54d ago

Yeah, odd how they never get up at 6 on a school day!

Xbox_Oldies55d ago

We're fortunate enough it's at a better time in the UK (9pm),

I bet your kids will be pulling their hair out all day now, waiting for it to come back online (about 7-8pm your time)

Knushwood Butt54d ago

Yeah, probably, but they have been playing Minecraft with their mates this afternoon so they were kept entertained.