The Best PlayStation RPGs For PS4 & PS5

The PS5 and PS4 are home to many incredible RPGs. Everything from JRPGs, action RPGs, to even old-school computer RPGs have a presence on Sony’s latest home consoles.

Whether you’re after a more traditional experience with turn-based battles and a party of memorable characters, a flash action RPG with lots of loot, or even something more experimental, PS4 and PS5 RPGs has something for you.

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shinoff218354d ago

Alot of games on this list I don't even feel are rpgs. I feel the author is real liberal with the RPG genre

FallenAngel198453d ago

All those games are RPGs

RPGs come in a variety of forms

FinalBoss54d ago

Why indicate in the title RPG for Ps4 and ps5 when most of the games are A-RPG also available on Xbox?

MrNinosan53d ago

More than half of those games are not on Xbox while allmof them are on Playstation, so it's logical I'd say.
An no, most games were not Action RPG. You might need to read through the list again.

FinalBoss53d ago

Well, you should review the list. There is 19/20 game from the list available on Xbox. On 30 games listed, that's what I call most of the game to me. As well, as most of them are Action RPG...

I would have rather see a list with RPG exclusively on PS, and there is many. Anyway that's just my 2 cents.

jznrpg53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

@FinalBoss This is a best on PS article .
It’s not like a multiplat game launch article that keeps other platforms off and pretend it’s xbox only launch that we see here just about every day from xboxhub.

shinoff218353d ago

I see that done on Xbox game articles all the time. It's no different.

S2Killinit53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

This isnt about xbox. Its saying these are games on Playstation.

On that note, the only time Ive seen anyone pretend like games available elsewhere can only be played on a single console, was on the official Xbox magazine.

53d ago
ironmonkey53d ago

Maybe because it's pertaining to people with those consoles only?

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jkoz52d ago

This list of games exists to give the author an excuse to have a bunch of affiliate links, and no other reason. I expected a top ten but nope, they basically just list anything they consider an RPG and attach an Amazon purchase link. Gross.