The Callisto Protocol Hardest Difficulty Trophy Can Be Cheesed With Simple Trick

There's a way to snag the "The Protocol is About Life" trophy without needing to finish the game on the hardest difficulty.

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Orchard65d ago

Lol - I was wondering if that was possible because most games don’t let you re-up your difficulty after you lower it.

But in CP you can swap as much as you want at any time in any direction.

Eidolon65d ago

Idk I don't recall any game that doesn't allow you to switch it back up when you switched down... how it affects trophies is another thing.

I'll probably disable the auto updates and try this on Maximum Security first to see it's going to be a chore. Honestly might just give myself the challenge until it's taking too much time, and this is only the case if I know a game can be played on easy or can be cheesed.

excaliburps65d ago

Same. I don't remember any game that a trophy can be cheesed this way. I mean, maybe it's a bug?

Eidolon65d ago

It's definitely not intended.. but I do remember I've played a few pre-fixed games that had cheesable difficulties like this, some that I was too late to "take advantage" of. For sure this will be patched in the future.

EvertonFC65d ago

What's the point in that ? You're just cheating yourself

EvertonFC65d ago

The whole point is trying to challenge yourself at beating the game on its highest difficulty from start to finish not just change the setting at the end pmsl.
If you don't get that well I don't know what to say

Eidolon64d ago

Nah, I knew what you meant. Just wanted to see a different response than "you're not challenging yourself."
Some people are going for trophies, though, why does it bother you so much?

Angyobangyo64d ago

Because backseat gamers are a thing, even with single player games. The are some wild takes how someone plays certain games. If it doesn't impact anyone's game but your own then I shouldn't matter....but the Internet loves telling people how to play a game.

Lexreborn265d ago

I just beat the game and figured I’d see if this worked after beating the final boss. I believe it is officially patched because it did not trigger on my save before and after.

ElusiveAura65d ago

It’s not been patched. After you switch to hardest difficulty and finish the end cutscene you need to close the game. Reload the game and the latest checkpoint where you run to pod. Watch 2 min cutscene and it’ll pop after it shows Callisto protocol logo screen. This works on ps5 still latest update of 1.006

Lexreborn264d ago

Lol oh man to late to try now, I just lost my auto save of that point going back and cleaning up trophies. Only thing I didn’t do was reload the game

VersusDMC64d ago

Confirmed that this works.

SyntheticForm64d ago

All you have to do is load your last autosave which should be the part where you sprint after the boss? Load the game, change to maximum, and save the game. Reload it and end the game.

mastershredder64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

So what does the trophy do for you? Other than bragging clout with the 1 friend you might have, who else cares? especially for a mediocre game? that’s an accomplishment to be “proud” about? lol.

SyntheticForm64d ago

It's actually quite a good game.

BioShockGX64d ago

Could've been my goty if it were longer and had more weapons and enemy varieties.

64d ago
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