The Races of Shadowrun: Elves

FASA's upcoming multi-MS platform title deftly mixes elements of ancient mystics and next-gen weaponry which allows human player-characters to share the podium with the standard fare of medieval myths. You know, the elf, the dwarf, and that general disgrace to both olde-timey village and new-age internet forum: the troll.

It will be interesting to see what and who wins the tale of the tape when Shadowrun finally drops in the first half of 2007. Will keyboard-and-mouse players own the Xbox 360 faithful? How will magic-heavy characters stack up against those that rely on weapons? First person or third-person?

While a lot of these questions will remain unanswered until the servers are juiced, TeamXbox talked to lead game designer John Howard for the full skinny on the Elven component of Shadowrun.

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ryanjtravis5707d ago

Cool... I really like what they are doing with this game. It is going to be a refreshing addition to the multiplayer-FPS arena.

consolewar5706d ago

according to some sources this game has a steep learning curve.

You have been warned