The Callisto Protocol - The Kotaku Review

Kotaku: "More Death Stranding than Dead Space, this flawed gem is one of the most ambitious games I've played this year."

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Gatsu65d ago

The dodge mechanic is so easy in this game... I don't get it how these people can be reviewing games, if they have problems with that.

Nitrowolf265d ago

Not only just that, there are accessibility options to auto complete QTE and auto dodge (a bit broken but makes dodging easier)

Sonic188165d ago

The more I play these game the more I like it

EvertonFC65d ago

Yep you literally hold left or right on the left stick and if a enemy is crawling at you use back with the left stick.
Also it's mainly the first half the game you use the dodge mechanic because after that you've upgraded a fair bit to use other weapons.

lex-102064d ago

Because the dodge mechanic requires your enemy to be in your FOV and the narrow FOV makes that difficult

SIdepocket64d ago

It’s Kotaku. If they’re not whining about something, they’re not doing their job.

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azizlksa065d ago

I can understand all criticisms except for "the game is frustrating", "dodging doesnt work". I read a funny comment from a reviewer that said "the combat works for 1v1 encounters but become frustrating when facing many enemies". Why should facing multiple enemies be easy? I love that it's strategic and if you dont have strategy you'll die.

Some people should not review games at all to be honest.

EvertonFC65d ago

I agree with what you're saying but I did find multiple enemies in smaller areas difficult but agree nowt wrong with the dodge mechanic overall.
My main gripe is lack of credits to upgrade early on in the game but I guess they wanted you to feel vulnerable at first I guess.

lonewolf1065d ago

"My main gripe is lack of credits to upgrade early on in the game but I guess they wanted you to feel vulnerable at first I guess."

A bit like souls games in that respect?

lex-102064d ago

If you read the rest of that review they explain it.

You can't dodge enemies out of the FoV and many enemies have 1 hit kills which leads to repeated dying in large groups.

Now yes you could say "well duh thats realistic" but come on. Your fighting alien zombies on Jupiter's moon. Realism went out the window hours ago.

FPS_D3TH64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

That arguements so bunk and laughable to me. If games didn’t have to worry about realism because of its plot than we’d only have goofy ass games

REDGUM64d ago

@ lex-1020, so what you are saying is there aren't Alien Zombies on Jupiter's moon? :)

Gatsu64d ago

You can move around and use other weapons if there's many enemies... It's your own fault if you go bashing heads against a large group.

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mastershredder65d ago

A flawed game highly enjoyed by a toxic as f and flawed review site. Makes sense.

Yeah um, it sucks. It should be fun, not a chore. Even if it is only half the game that is a hurdle. Pass and/or wait for a serious game changing update.

Crows9065d ago

You mischaracterize it. You should have said 'fun not difficult' that's the issue at hand. A chore in videogames is something like go kill 10 crabs. That's a chore. This game I don't think has chores. It's difficult for many and that appears to be the problem.

EvertonFC65d ago

I found it difficult in the first 5 hours after that you've upgraded a few things and it becomes more about analysing the situation and adapting to the situation.

Crows9064d ago (Edited 64d ago )


Haven't played it yet so no opinion on that but I definitely don't have issues with difficult games. Like all souls and souls like games. And I actually don't find those games particularly difficult. Old school games are much harder.

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