Your NXE Avatars Are Ready To Rave In The New Year

Wanted to go online New Year's Eve, but didn't have a virtual stitch for your avatar to wear? Never fear, totally fresh clothing and accessories for the New Xbox Experience are here.
Keeping up with the latest trends, Microsoft is offering new, brightly colored gear like an all over print "Pixel Art Hoodie" and a pair of "Rave Baseball Caps." Sweat bands, zebra pumps and fingerless gloves can give you horrible electroclash flashbacks while browsing your Xbox Live friends list now too. Yes, more skinny fit jeans because you demanded it!

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Viewtiful3581d ago

Just what I always wanted?

Saint Sony3581d ago

At least they seem to actively update clothing side. Lets hope the arcade side with Avatars starts kicking as well.

Who would not want to see Avatar version of Mortal Combat ;).. hehe.

Cajun Chicken3581d ago

I have to give you that Saint Sony, NXE isn't that old and MS has already extended the clothes cabinet for the Avatars substantially.

SixZeroFour3581d ago

yea...not exactly the type of clothes i wanted, and i really wish they would change/add the actual avatar avatar still doesnt quite look like me

but still, its good to be getting new content and not making us pay for it...seems like MS is delivering on their promise so far, free avatar content bimonthly

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Conquistador3581d ago

Personal diary excerpt 55:

I believe the natives have discovered my excellent plan of taking gold from the Steam vents. They have begun to give me and my men clothing. My men are overjoyed by the gifts, but I see through the ruse.

The natives, I fear, may have come up with a plot; something I did not think was possible in their savage minds. They want to get me and my men into a false sense of security and good will (my men have already fallen victim to this, I am afraid) and will most certainly slaughter us sometime tomorrow.

Not to worry, I shall hatch a plan of action in this brilliant mind of mine...

nix3581d ago

lol... you're a freaking legend!!!!

keep them rolling O' Conquistador! and keep us rolling (with laughter)!

GiantEnemyCrab3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

Holy crap those are some ugly clothes. I can see why they are free.

Who is the person who makes these clothing decisions? I guess I must be out of it if visors and stretch pants are the new hip!

Just when I thought Avatars couldn't get any more fruity. Pink sweat bands for the guys? LOL

Can't wait for my Paisley shirt and polyester bellbottoms.

3581d ago
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