Why Need for Speed Unbound is not on PS4 and Xbox One

Traxion : We spoke to Criterion Games' Creative Director Kieran Crimmins about the studio's decision to focus development of Need for Speed Unbound on the latest generation of consoles, forgoing both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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isarai66d ago

We're 2yrs into a new generation, shouldn't need explaining anymore

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spoonard65d ago

People still refer to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S as "next gen" consoles.

isarai65d ago

No wonder with barely any games built only for the next gen consoles. We're just straight up not getting the next gen experience like we have in literally every other generation by now.

CrimsonWing6965d ago

Lol, right!? What is going on that moving to next-gen is some “anti-consumer” practice?

We should’ve done this at the freaking launch of these consoles.

z2g65d ago

The stuff the studio is talking about here s the stuff I think of when ppl say things like “making god of war a ps5 exclusive wouldn’t make it a better game” well… yeah. Actually it would. It’s a great game, but could have been even more incredible by just simply having less constraints to worry about.

jznrpg65d ago

PS5 only would definitely make GoW better in performance , detail etc . I do believe if Covid didn’t happen and the supply chain was normal it would have been a PS5 only game but the landscape was weird for some time and only now have PS5’s become easier to get although not walk into a store any time easy.

Nacho_Z65d ago

It looks like the last NFS game I played on PS4 but with crappier graphics so I'm not sold on this explanation.

yeahokwhatever65d ago

its better. its at least more fun, and the graphics are much nicer.

SimpleSlave65d ago

Most likely because it'll be riddled with Micro transactions and the quality of the game will be trash so it'll need to look as beautiful as possible in order to bamboozle some of you. Especially with that unironically interesting Graffiti Style overlay.

That'll be my guess.

Flawlessmic65d ago

There are no microtransaction at all!

And the game isnt that beautiful, this game easily couldve been done on a ps4, so not sure im buying what there selling in that regard as I thought it would look better being next gen only.

The game is actually awesome though, loving it my time with it.

Some poorly made assumptions there bud, wrong on all counts.

RPGer65d ago

how about the sensation of speed? it is static like the boring previous installment or arcade like old days?

SimpleSlave65d ago

"Some poorly made assumptions there bud," Given that this IS an EA game, those assumptions were perfectly crafted and very well justified.

"...wrong on all counts." Not all. The Graffiti Style does looks great. As for the rest? I guess I was. 🤷

"There are no microtransaction at all!" For now. There is that pesky "Upgrade" though. So we'll see how long that last...

Binarycode65d ago

Tbh I'm not seeing why it's not on PS4, xboxone was already struggling when it came out, very unpowered and barely scraps along now. PS4 can actually still push out some decent graphics at 1080p tbh. Warzone 2.0 is massive and works well on the old PS4. Also not everyone can get a PS5.

But from looking at the game. looks nothing special, pretty empty, where is the traffic, did they all go home, christmas shopping maybe, it should be busy. Also it's not getting good reviews.

Other then the silly effects you can turn off, nothing new here.

Elit3Nick65d ago

Traffic is pretty heavy in the city, enough for you to constantly weave through during racing.

Also, where are these bad reviews? It being rated much higher than any prior game in the last decade.

It's odd that you would take the time to comment without even trying to look at general community consensus first. The NFS Reddit is praising it overall. The only negative things they and I can say is it becomes tedious to deal with roaming cops at high heat levels because so many spawn, and you're often forced to drive off-road to avoid triggering another chase.

Binarycode64d ago

I've seen 6.7's and 8's.

While not terrible. Just looks nothing special to me. and also no reason why it's not on a PS4. They will lose a fortune on it.

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