Prince of Persia's Touch of Orientalism

Adam Rosenberg writes: "In his write-up, [NYTimes video game correspondent Seth] Schiesel explains that the Prince comes off to him as a "17-year-old American mall rat," which he regards as a problematic characterization. The Prince's "blue eyes, Anglicized facial features and what looks like a tan he picked up on spring break" are all indicators of an irresponsible treatment of the real-world culture referenced in the game's title. He further claims that this Americanized Prince speaks to a general ignorance of Eastern cultures in the West, invoking theorist Edward Said's notion of Orientalism."

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Viewtiful3674d ago

This is a good article, but I suspect it may be too thoughtful for many N4G users.

devilhunterx3673d ago

that, dull combat, not dying were my only complain of the game. But Nolan North's was spot on with his witty deliveries