A year after launch, Battlefield 2042 wants a second chance: 'We're feeling really good'

In exclusive interviews, Battlefield 2042 producers tell PC Gamer that the game is finally where they wanted it to be at launch.

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isarai55d ago

You would have to
-re-design maps entirely so they're not so empty and static.
-get rid of operatives and go back to distinct classes so teamwork actually matter again
-tune unlocks for quality over quantity, 90% of what you unlock is all the same crap and there's so much of it.

And at that point you might as well just make a new game.

LordoftheCritics55d ago

I played again 2 days ago.

Yup no teamwork whatsoever.

It's a weird game.

porkChop54d ago

Yeah the game is flawed at its core. They can make it a bit more fun or enjoyable, but not enough to bring in new players.

blvdnights141454d ago

At this point you'd have to hand it off to a new studio because the crime has already been committed can't unsee that pile of shit they call a game.

Spenok54d ago

They're doing the first.

They've brought back the class system, but also kept the operators on top of it. It's a bit weird, but it gives people both worlds. I'd prefer JUST the classes, but what can I do.

Lastly they've been doing the last part, but it's taking too long.

just_looken54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Yeah but did you see they did nothing for balance on each operator right now mckay has all his original broken mechanics like the grapple hook to go inside walls/ceilings then they tossed him body armor to go with the health pack.

The wingsuit crap is also still broken just fly around 0 drawbacks take out anything you want.

There is also only one medic in the game 100%hp revive the new black operator and angel can revive but only 25-50% of hp.

Derekvinyard1354d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Anybody here going to mention the fact that the destruction is absolutely terrible and clearly wasn't on their mind when they were in development. I'm willing to bet everyone that worked on the other battlefield games are gone by now

just_looken54d ago

If you go to blindboy youtube pages the new map has buildings were the siding can fall off via missiles/tank shells. To those users the destruction is "amazing".

isarai53d ago

Yup, that's why i said "empty and static" the maps have little to no destruction, so that everchanging landscape is not s thing anymore, the game is a joke

Towers51d ago

It's why I originally never picked it up. That was BF to me. Massive destruction to change the battlefield. With todays tech that stuff should be amazing and in 2042 it was terrible.

peppeaccardo54d ago

Whenever I play 2042 I decide to play again Battlefied V and I stick with the latest.
Audio Design, Maps, Destruction and team work are too good on BFV, when i go back to 2042 I feel like i am paying a different game.

thorstein53d ago

-they did/ are
-classes are coming in the next patch, operatives are in each class
-legacy weapons like the M16 are back, new unlock weapon the Rorshach is a nice gamebalancing weapon. There is a new light tank

I am not saying the game is on par with BF1 or BFV, but there are improvements and more on the way.

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godofiron54d ago

they need to go back to what made Battlefield 3 and 4 amazing at the end of their lifespans.

otherwise, this is just a waste of time and money for everyone involved.

Cussing54d ago

Got it for 10 bucks new for ps5. I've gotten 10 bucks worth out of it for sure.

Ninver54d ago

Wouldn't play it for free. Time is limited and rather use it playing worth while games

kryteris54d ago

What we need is nuclear silos to power our battleship, destroy the enemy shields and board their ship and destroy it.

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