The Callisto Protocol: Xbox Series versions have issues - and PC is almost unplayable

The DF tech review of The Callisto Protocol, focusing on the Xbox Series X and Series S versions of the game - they've got some issues and a wild ommission.

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SoulWarrior65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Guess we know now why Sony sent 150 employees to help out lol. Hopefully the devs can iron out issues with the other versions, disappointing to see as this game had quite a bit of hype behind it, it's all fallen a little flar now that it's released.

Bathyj65d ago

I was concerned when they were no reviews before release and I watched a preview video and the combat look very boring. It is a shame because a lot of people had high hopes for this and the graphic certainly look good. Oh well looks like I was right to be sceptical

Profchaos64d ago

I was one of those with high hopes I didn't pre order though so I'll be hanging back to see if they can make this game good in the next 12 months. Graphically it's mind boggling good still but just mechanically terrible

RedDevils64d ago

That's why always keep a low expectation, so when it undelivered you would not be disappointed.

neutralgamer199265d ago

This is the difference between a legendary technical wizard in Mark' Cerny versus Phil Spencer and his off-the-shelf spec sheet guys. You guys can keep going around 12 teraflops but end of the day PlayStation 5 is holding up really well against Xbox series X on most third-party games

wiz719165d ago

Or like everyone is saying it’s a development issue , even high end PCs are having problems. On top of the fact the had 150 Sony employees to help more with the PS version.

65d ago
neutralgamer199265d ago (Edited 65d ago )


Call of duty war zone 2.0 runs consistently better at higher FPS on PS5 too


Very mature I own a XSX so I know what I am talking about

Jin_Sakai65d ago

“Or like everyone is saying it’s a development issue“

Call of Duty Warzone 2 is also performing better on PS5 in the 120fps mode. Go watch the Digital Foundry video. PS5 is indeed holding its weight.

Profchaos64d ago

Zero to do with architecture here all to do with development.

Ps5 and xsx are more similar than many like to admit but you still need to code for each machine specifically and mistakes will happen if you don't analyse all versions

wiz719164d ago

@Jin in that same video it was explained why , the PS4 was the lead development platform so optimization on Sony consoles was the priority then get ported to other consoles .. it’s not a console issue it’s again a developer issue. PS5 isn’t a slouch though it’s going to hold its weight , especially with that SSD.

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frostypants65d ago

I honestly felt like the hype faded hard up until very recently. Definitely seemd like things were off.

Abracadabra64d ago

Striking Distance Studios with their first game already became sleazeballs.

Never a good sign with no reviews before release.

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TeamIcoFan65d ago

Cue the "Strange, I'm not having any issues!" crowd.


Well that’s because some people actually are not having issues strange I know…

MadLad65d ago ShowReplies(1)
UltimateOwnage65d ago

Funny you should mention that. I have a Ryzen 5900X, nVidia 3080ti, Samsung 980 Pro m.2 SSD and other than an occasional hiccup between rooms it’s running fluid at high settings and looks incredible. The bigger issue I have is that the combat feels clunky and heavily scripted almost like a QT event. Otherwise it’s been good for a just-launched-not-patched PC port.

shadowT65d ago

PS5 version got great tech review, Xbox Series version needs some additional work.

SullysCigar65d ago

Sure sounds that way. Series X also doesn't maintain 120fps on Modern Warfare 2 as consistently as PS5, according to Digital Foundary. Which is a bit awkward, given the impending acquisition...

Maybe they'll get patching.

Orchard65d ago

You've got the MW2 120hz situation the wrong way around - MW2 runs better on XSX, and WZ2.0 runs better on PS5. Neither sustain 120hz in either game though - so you'll want/need VRR enabled.

Ironically, they're both using the same engine and game assets, so it's interesting that they trade blows there - perhaps the PS5 is doing a better job with higher player counts / character models.

wiz719165d ago

Given the PS4 is the more powerful base hardware , it’s like the PS5 and Series X is running a upgraded version of the last gen version

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SoulWarrior65d ago

@Stark yeah ok, when are you gonna stop making alt account after alt account after getting yourself banned over and over? You're just sad lol.

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Eonjay64d ago

From what I have observed for these two games the PS4/PS5 are the lead platforms. So perhaps they are just better optimized. But you made a point about MW2 vs Warzone 2. I think the difference is that the PS5 has the memory advantage once you get over 10 GBs. Up until that point the Xbox can pull ahead. But looking at Warzone 2 its tearing on top of being slower so it's no where close to PS5 here. I bet it's the memory setup.

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Sonic188165d ago

He said "it's one of his favorite games of 2022"

The game is not bad it's actually pretty good but it's not great either

jznrpg65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

New IP from a new studio so it’s not too surprising that they didn’t fully make it the game we were hoping for .

Hopefully they make enough $ to improve their next game

The Witcher 1 was really rough around the edges when it came out but I enjoyed it so hopefully they can have the same trajectory minus the Cyberpunk thing.

It really makes sense now that Sony helped them at the end most likely to get it running better on PS5.

It has mixed reviews , the reason I didn’t preorder is because it’s not a long game and I want to play a lot of the long games I have in winter . I’ll get it in January or February most likely

Sircolby4565d ago

Being a new studio does not excuse releasing a game in a broken state. The issues are clearly bad enough that there is no way they were not aware that the game had issues when they released it.

Lightning7765d ago

Let me put on my tin foil hat on for a sec.

Kinda strange how they had Sony's help with the project. They had the PS5 running well but Series consoles and PC are having issues.

It's a little strange tbh. They probably prioritized PS5 in development.

Or perhaps they're not as familiar with Xbox and PC hardware? That's also possible.

gangsta_red65d ago


I don't think it's a far stretch or strange for this developer to have prioritized the PS version in exchange for the help they received from Sony.

I think that would be a fair trade.

"Or perhaps they're not as familiar with Xbox and PC hardware?"

Doubt this, all systems are pretty much the same in architecture with few differences. I'm sure we'll be hearing about a patch soon for Series X and PC.

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blackblades65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

@Lightning why you keep throwing "Sony's help" out there. They just sent visual arts employees there that helped with motion capture and small areas not the game play etc from what I heard. Anyways they shouldve had game testers to the game.

jznrpg64d ago

Well it doesn’t seem to be broken on PS5 so I’m not worried about it . But for Xbox PC people I understand but I’ll be playing on PS5 and apparently it runs a lot better .

jznrpg64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

@Lightning77 no tinfoil hat needed . It looks like Sony helped them to get it to run better with those 150 devs . That may not be the case but it’s possible sure

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kopp3rbug65d ago

New studio by name, yes. They are however led by the original creator of the dead space series. So in all reality the experience and the know hoe is all there and intact.