U.S. Army Planned to Pay Streamers Millions to Reach Gen-Z Through Call of Duty

Internal Army documents obtained by Motherboard provide insight on how the Army wanted to reach Gen-Z, women, and Black and Hispanic people through Twitch, Paramount+, and the WWE.

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isarai66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

It's well known the US Army has been using gaming as a gateway for recruiting for a LOOONG time. Hell even in high school recruiters would ask whoever wasnt interested for their gamertag so they can play Cod together. Not to mention they've sponsored several fps tournaments. Not a conspiracy when it's out in the open. Plus Arma exists so...

Inverno66d ago

Instead of trying to get them to join then military through bs trends why not instead tell em of the benefits that joining the military bring? Least in times of peace and without the threat of war, having your studies paid in full sounds better than "hey you can do what you do in COD by joining the army, isn't that cool?"

kneon66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

The USA has been involved in wars/conflicts for 90+% of its existence so you're unlikely to be in the US Military during peacetime

Old_Scout66d ago

I was a recruiter. You can tell a kid the benefits all day long. Ultimately it's a calling and you just call the right person and do the paperwork.

thorstein65d ago

"I was a recruiter. You can LIE TO a kid about the benefits all day long."


thorstein66d ago

I think it is absurd that the US military has millions if not billions of dollars in their advertising budget. It is absurd that they have an advertising budget.

TiredGamer66d ago

Would you prefer forced conscription like in Russia?

curtain_swoosh66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

i had that in austria
wasnt all too bad. 6 months of listening to idiots screaming nonsense. you dont actually participate in any war, but i guess ametica is a different kind of hell when it comes to that. who knows what they'd put ppl through lol

ended up enlisting actually haha. sniper training was like 7 weeks. not a bad life

thorstein65d ago

The alternate to spending millions of dollars on advertising is forced conscription?

Wow, you learn something every day.

Gee, how would anyone in the whole world learn about the US military if it weren't for advertising.

Vengeance113866d ago

Can't wait to die and respawn in real life! Oh wait...

jznrpg66d ago

We all wish … I’d love to see my baby bro and grandfather again .

TheColbertinator66d ago


Sorry about your losses, friend.

On topic :

I thought the Army was always using FPS games. This is not new.

HyperMoused66d ago

A bit on the nose isnt killin in the game...join up and kill in real life

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