UGO Hero of Sparta Review

With iPhone gaming being the new black, everyone and their grandmother is bringing out the big guns to capture the public's attention. And in the already super crowded AppStore, which has more apps than the world has trees (almost), very few games manage to set themselves ahead of the pack. Hero of Sparta is one of those games, thanks to impressive 3D graphics, high presentation values and fun gameplay, and while it's got some hang-ups, it's probably the best action/adventure game on the service right now.

Hero of Sparta is a 3D action/adventure game in the style of God of War. Well, style may not really do it justice. Hero of Sparta is, perhaps, the most blatant rip-off of God of War the world has ever seen. And I'm not just talking about the setting of ancient Greece. The game has just about every element seen in Sony's franchise, from cyclopses you stab in the eye to harpies to upgradable weapons (by pouring red juice into said weapons) to reflex minigames during boss fights to charge attacks to the epic instrumental score.

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