Kojima teases his new game some more

Hideo Kojima has shared some logos accompanied by the text 'start a new journey', teasing his new project.

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jznrpg55d ago

Definitely looks like company logos for Death Stranding 2

Nyxus55d ago

Personally I'd love to see a new Death Stranding game, I really enjoyed the first one.

jznrpg54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Agreed . I loved the feel of the game . The beginning was a struggle but that’s part of the charm .
Side note , leaving a dead body for 24 hours and not taking it to an incinerator was awesome to see .

It had some tense moments when I had no idea where these things were but I knew they were there . Definitely a unique game and I appreciate what he made . I’m in for a 2nd game

LemyAtom54d ago

Isn't he working on an unrelated horror game now? That's what I heard anyway. I keep forgetting I bought Death Stranding cheap on sale and it's in my backlog. Is it quite a chill game? Looks to be (I know the story is supposed to be bonkers).

JackBNimble54d ago

Isn't he working on a project for MS , so why would he make a death Stranding sequel for xbox?

jznrpg54d ago

He said he’s working on a bunch of projects

Orchard54d ago

He’s supposedly working on a horror game for MS named Overdose, and DS sequel for Sony.

I would predict that we’ll see DS2 before Overdose but I could be wrong.

jznrpg54d ago

Maybe I stated that wrong . They look like new company/city logos possibly for Death Stranding 2 and similar to logos in the first game .

lucasnooker55d ago

I feel like the middle logo is a VR headset?

Nyxus55d ago

It also kind of looks like the Knot City logos from the first game:

Profchaos55d ago

He did have one in the works

RaidenBlack54d ago

What if these are 3 different logos of three different projects on three different platforms??

BrainSyphoned55d ago

Looks to me like an emoji Punisher face is bent forward putting both hands on its forehead.

lonewolf1055d ago

Looks like a robot/automaton to me and fits it with APAC.

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BrainSyphoned55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

3. Metal Gear Fox logo mixed with Cuthulu
Horror spy game sounds good to me.

anast54d ago

I hope it's a fingernail clipping sim. Death Clippings, imagine the possibilities. Jk. I enjoyed Stranding quite a bit.

ApocalypseShadow54d ago

Lol. And you called one of my last comments where I was joking ridiculous. Yet, here this is. Lol. JK

Kojima will surprise everyone with his next announced game. Brace for it.

anast54d ago

I'm looking forward to it.

mastershredder54d ago

Oh sooo edgy and cool . Logos are just all the rage. What a genius. Share a bunch of logos his staff made for him. Talent. Can’t wait to see all his cut scenes. :/

anast54d ago

Your comment mazes zero sense to me. Seriously, it's unintelligible.

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