'The Callisto Protocol' didn't scare me, it just made me mad | Engadget

The Callisto Protocol steadily introduces enemies, abilities, weapons and beautiful, mazelike environments – until, eventually, the game collapses under the weight of its own mechanics..

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gangsta_red300d ago

The majority of the reviews are not being kind to this game.

Snookies12300d ago

So sad to see, I had some fairly high hopes for this one too! It's not one I was going to pre-order, but I was definitely planning on grabbing it at some point down the line...

Shane Kim300d ago

I don't get it. Watched an hour walkthrough and It looks really good. Gonna pick this up regardless.

SurgicalMenace300d ago

As you should, it's mainly getting bad reviews because the mechanics are foreign enough to be challenging. Once you master the timing it becomes pretty fluid. Approach the combat as you would a boxing game.

Elda300d ago

I'm doing the same thing. I'm going to give it a shot.

Stanjara300d ago

First half is good. The second half falls apart cause it throws at you mobs that mutate and you can't dash cancel.

Hofstaderman300d ago

The recent trailer was so good. Oh well, dead space remake anyone?

RaiderNation300d ago

I cant recall the last time I was more wrong about the anticipated critical reception of a videogame. So disappointing.

hotnickles300d ago

I take the “it’s too hard” reviews from media outlets with a pound of salt.

SullysCigar300d ago

Me too. It sounds like the difficulties come from clunky, frustrating controls. There's definitely a theme suggesting that in the reviews.

Maybe the devs tried something new and it didn't connect? I sure hope they can fix this, even if that means putting it back in the oven and opting for re-release down the line.

hotnickles300d ago

I will find out tonight lol. If it’s control issues that can be patched I would assume. Instead of making extra death animation DLC they will have different priorities.

EvertonFC299d ago

The movement during combat can be frustrating especially if it's a small area and 5 or 6 enemies.
Also I'm 6hours in and only upgraded the pistol stability, where the hell is all the credits to collect to upgrade?
It's a love hate relationship ATM for me

Thundercat77300d ago

That's why the review embargo was on launch day.

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PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for October: The Callisto Protocol, Farming Simulator 22, Weird West

All playable October 3.

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LG_Fox_Brazil1d 1h ago

With so many games I truly was not feeling like spending full price on The Callisto Protocol. Now I'll have no excuses. Nice choice with Weird West as well. Solid month

VersusDMC1d ago

Callisto was ok...but that was before i played RE4 and Dead Space remakes.

I will see how i feel about it when i replay it after recently playing the hell out of the RE4 DLC.

Elda22h ago

Dead Space Remake is definitely the better game. RE4 is a good game too.

seanpitt231d ago

I bet sony got the Callisto protocol on the super cheap! Shame it was an ok game but wasn't on the level of dead space

Andy_Dee8h ago

I'm gonna get a lot of shit for this!

It was an ok game BUT, the big hairy but here. What I did like that it was a different story than Dead Space and in that sense it was pretty good!

I've played all Dead Space games remake included and all RE games as well. The Remakes are insanely well made and I loved the new Dead Space but it was really well made but I also remembered so much of it so in that sense Callisto was "new" to me!

I really enjoyed that. I didn't have issues with the combat as well, I went into the mindset of Dead Space and used the Gravity glove as well as weapons and I recommend everyone playing on medium or easy to get that sense of Dead Space!

The Graphics and atmosphere was fantastic.

Becuzisaid6h ago

@Andy why would you get crap for liking a game? Who cares what other people think about it? I've never played Calisto but will try it out.

LiViNgLeGaCY6h ago

@Andy_Dee - Bro, no one's going to give you crap for that, haha. That's a completely reasonable comment!

crazyCoconuts1d ago

Definitely a solid month. Also, all three games are PS5 games, which may be a first

Terry_B1d 1h ago

Excellent Month...hoped that both Callisto Protocol and Weird West would show up in PS+ or Humble Choice

Einhander19721d 1h ago

It's interesting that Devolver had that statement about subscriptions. PS+ has a bunch of Devolver games like Inscription Death's Door probably some others and Wierd West is Devolver too.

What's Games with Gold getting this month?

Simundo1d ago

Games for Gold ended on September 1st and replaced with GP Core.