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A proper remake might be rising from the grave next year, but the festering corpse of Dead Space has come lurching back to life early in the form of The Callisto Protocol.

Sonic1881293d ago

I guess Dead Space is still the better game 😄

ClayRules2012293d ago

Yeah, at least we still have the remake…😄

I’m trying to be appreciative, knowing we have that Dead Space Remake coming still. But damn, this disappointment sucks lol.

Shane Kim293d ago

Come on it's 76 on opencritic. That is still a fine game.

Lightning77293d ago

@Sully excuse me what? Did Sony not help with production?

Listen carefully. If he game is getting less then stellar reviews. Why would Some help them again? Provide tools and resources? As they reportedly did? Why would they need to confirmation this? What do they need permission from the press or something?

Again why would Sony do Buissness with them again?

SullysCigar293d ago

^ @Lightning77, I'm just going to assume you had a stroke while trying to respond to me.

It the only way to account for the incoherent, typo-filled ramblings...and the fact it was apparently too taxing to reply to me in the right place.

Shall I send an ambulance?

Lightning77293d ago

@Sully Typos aside you can't answer my question can you?

No you can't.

SullysCigar293d ago

^ There are 7 questions and the typos are the least of the issues. Your post made zero sense. Try again, properly this time, and I'll do my best to help you out.

In the meantime, hit me up with a link to where either party said they won't work together again. If you can't, you're making crap up to troll.

Also, here's some homework: look up Sony's Visual Arts guys and what they do. Understand from this that no amount of graphical work or motion capture would have affected the criticisms this game is receiving. In fact, those are the areas most praised.

I don't mind you trolling, just do us the courtesy of putting some effort in.

Lightning77293d ago

That's funny you think I'm trolling. When you know for a fact a I don't troll so you can cut all that out.

"In the meantime, hit me up with a link to where either party said they won't work together again. If you can't, you're making crap up to troll."

I never once passed it off as fact it's called speculation. You should read in between the lines. If it was fact I, Would sent a link a long time ago. Plus we know historically Sony likes a high metacritic on games. So if the game is getting less favorable reviews the chances of them helping out the studio is slim. Again speculation.

Yeah I'm not disputing the technical accomplishments or anything never did. You're just seeing what you want to see. So I don't know what you're talking about.

SullysCigar292d ago

^ Lol you most certainly DO troll. Trolling and baseless speculation. Then you get called out and it's other people's fault for not 'reading between the lines'...lmao

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fr0sty293d ago

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.

Tacoboto293d ago

Apparently it's triggering to say that I called this months ago

Lightning77293d ago

Sony also sent 150 devs to help with production. Looks like Sony won't be doing any more services for the studio again.

iamtimmy293d ago

Sonys visual arts studio is a well known service and support group and has done this for dozens of games. For some of the biggest titles like red dead etc. That wasnt even news.

SullysCigar293d ago

Lmao you just tried WAY too hard. Sony's visual arts guys contributed to the factors that this game is drawing praise for.

I haven't seen any confirmation that they would collaborate in the future. Stop making up crap.

alb1899293d ago

Yep, it seems like the 150 employees of SONY didn't help as well as some here thought hahaha!

SullysCigar293d ago

You mean the VISUAL ARTS team? It's right there in their title, bud. Troll fail.

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TheColbertinator293d ago

Dead Space and RE4 Remake for me next year instead

-Mika-293d ago

Just pick the game up later on a sale. From what I read from several reviews, the game can easily be fixed with some quality of life updates. The game itself isn't bad. It just the difficulty and realism direction when it comes to
the animations hurt the balance of the game.

Stanjara293d ago

Jesus! Didn't expect that. I'm holding my money...will check out something on sale.

Elda293d ago

With all my Gamestop store credit I'll be paying next to nothing for the game so I'm going to still try the game out. I like the atmosphere & gore.