How to Market Killzone 2

With Killzone 2's release getting ever closer it will be vital that the game is marketed well to ensure the success Sony will be looking for. We at PlayStation Gamer Uk have come up with some suggestions on how they can do this.

Killzone 2 has a lot of things going for it, for one judging on what we have played it in the public beta it will be second to none in terms of visuals and graphics.

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I will cry if Sony don't give this game some hard advertising, they MUST give Killzone 2 the credit and sales it deserves. A bundle wouldn't hurt either.

shazam3579d ago

if killzone liberation is any indication i expect to see at least one killzone 2 commercial every commercial break on every major channel

resistance1003579d ago

really? i didn't see any KZ:L adverts here in the UK

uie4rhig3579d ago

i have noticed that SCEE doesn't market as much as the other ones.. and the territories are already marketting very little

Aclay3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Personally I think that Killzone could easily sell 2-3 million copies without advertising because there are very few PS3 owners that don't know about Killzone 2 and there's very few PS3 owners that aren't anticipating Killzone 2... I mean, people have been talking about Killzone 2 since E3 2005. My theory is that everyone that bought Call of Duty 4 on the PS3 will buy Killzone 2.

Since so many people already know about Killzone 2, the only thing I think Sony needs to do for advertising is to show something similiar to the E3 2007 trailer:

And show the "Helghan" trailer:

Sony should have one of those trailers for a Superbowl commercial, they should roll those trailers in movie theaters, and Sony should keep rolling those 2 trailers throughout February on television until the release of Killzone 2.

resistance1003579d ago

By People i take it you mean Hardcore gamers.

The problem is there is a lot of PS3 owners out there who don't follow E3, or any stuff on the internet and just rely on what there mates get or whats being advertised.

COD4 sales were massively benefited as this part of the PS3 owners brought it from word of mouth and advertising, Sony needs to make sure that the same happens with Killzone 2.

Serjikal_Strike3579d ago

Thats a great idea...but I dont know if they'll fork up that kind of money for 1- 30 second bit thats gonna cost 2 million bucks minimun

koston36473579d ago

HOLY MOLY i forgot about the super bowl in February could there be more perfect timing!!!!!!

XGRaViSmOrSX3579d ago

agree the superbowl would be the absolute best time to advertise killzone 2.

sony wont fork over the money though. god forbid they actually advertise a AAA exclusive.

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TheColbertinator3579d ago

First they have to prove if K2 is any good.No point in advertising if the game can't pass an 8 or a 9 from IGN/Game Informer/Gametrailers etc.

Serjikal_Strike3579d ago

Have you heard anything bad about the game from anybody whos seen it or played it?

I dont think sony will have to prove that the game is good...all they gotta do is have a kick a$$ commercial from now till feb. and play it on all major networks!

LittleBigKillzone3579d ago

Trust me! Still 2 months from release and you are ALREADY seeing pre order promos from gamestop, best buy and amazong. I went into 2 of my local gamestops yesterday and both had a HUGE killzone 2 poster hanging up behind the cash register with the words in big letters "pre order now" and thats just 2 months away. Dont worry guys, im confident sony will do a great job at marketing this game

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