Portal writer says Valve has 'a starting point that we like a ton' for Portal 3

From PC Gamer: "I remember when The Orange Box came out, and the world felt right. The sun was shining, the bees were buzzing around the flowers, and it just made perfect sense that Valve was releasing some of the best games of all time as essentially a value package. Among them all Portal was the true original, a game built around one perfect idea that absolutely squeezed every drop of juice it could from the concept: and made you laugh while doing it.

The announcement of Portal 2 was a welcome surprise, especially as this was happening at an almost unprecedented rate of knots for Valve, and incredibly "the game that didn't need a sequel" (the title of a GDC talk some of its developers later gave) got a sequel that lived up to and in some ways surpassed the original. It remains to this day the funniest co-op experience I've had on PC, and a singleplayer campaign so brilliant I'm now just thinking about when life gives you lemons and reinstalling it.

Then.. nothing. Well, not nothing: we got Aperture Desk Job. But there is and has been no sound about a Portal 3 and, 11 years on from Portal 2, any experienced Valve-watcher knows the rules: Valve don't do threes."

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-Foxtrot67d ago

Hope Chell returns...somehow

Wouldn't mind if they gave her a voice so she could have some back and forth with GLaDOS

ChubbyBlade67d ago

Nonsense. Valve doesn’t release 3s

Number1TailzFan67d ago

Well, there is the Half Life 2 episodes, and HL Alyx, so technically the series had more than 2 games.. just not a follow up in the story to 2.

I mean more Valve games are coming, with one being rumoured close to completion. And then there's S&box (GMOD 2) which is still being worked on and will have a lot of user created game modes, handy for those that like the Source 2 engine.

The problem is they are taking ages to do anything, L4D2 is in dire need of content and has needed a sequel since like 2012-2014 as the game is so barebones.

ChubbyBlade66d ago

Yet none of them are 3s. My point still stands.

honkler3266d ago

I'd be happy with any new game from Valve

AzubuFrost66d ago

Long as it's not Dota 2 related. Gosh I hated Artifact and Dota Chess.